Top Supplier of the RFID card and Tag India

Do you need rfid smart card or rfid key tag?  We are one of the top supplyer of the RFID card and tag in India.  We are here sincerely hope that we can get an opportunity to establish business relationship with you, if you have any enquiry of RFID products, don’t hesitate to contact us,  We are looking forward to supplying you the RFID cards in better price and good quality.

Top Supplyer of the RFID card and Tag India

Top Supplyer of the RFID card and Tag India

Main Products:* 125Khz RFID: EM ISO card, Key fob, rfid wristband, Coin card, Card inlay etc.

* 13.56Mhz RFID: Philips NXP ISO card, rfid wristband, key fob, Card inlay etc.

Both thin cards and thick cards are available with best price and quality.  People printing cards can contact us.  Various applications of RFID Cards are Gym to track the members, RFID cards are used in schools for tracking the attendance of students, teachers and staff members.  These can be used by factories to track the attendance of labor, in Universities for student tracking, in libraries for membership tracking.  Get the tracking automated using RFID system now.   Tracking of high value goods.  You can also buy RFID Cards online from our website.

Why choose us for your RFID Cards requirements:

1. We offer high quality products with competitive price, our products enjoying great popularity in the world market.

  1. Advanced equipment,  fast production,fast delivery.

For more information please feel free to email us at info at .  Call us at 9315441053, 9034757673

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