Time and attendance Record Machine K20. Inbuilt battery backup,RFID, Color display and Access Control

K20 is an economical Biometric device which caters to the Small and medium scale industry. With the pricing in mind and future proof technology induced, K20 is a high performing product.
To buy this wonderful time and attendance recorder please contact us at +91 9034757673, 9034757673, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053. Email us at in**@am*********.com or Fill the following form so that our experts can contact you.
Time Attendance Record machine

Time Attendance Record machine

Main features : 
  1. 2.8″ Color display
  2. Inbuilt battery backup- upto 2 hrs
  3. Inbuilt rfid reader
  4. Access control
  5. TCP/IP , USB
  6. Compatible with etimetracklite and Smart office
  7. 500 fingerprint with 50,000 logs
  8. Reports in Microsoft Excel
  9. SDK avaialble.

Email us at in**@am*********.com or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine.

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  • Users  : users 500
  • Transaction:  50,000  Logs
  • Inbuilt battery Backup-  2hrs
  • inbuilt RFID module
  • communication:  TCP/IP,USB
  • Standard function Workcode,SMS
  • Scheduled Bell
  • Self Service Query
  • SSR Recorder
  • Automatic status switch
  • DST 9T  Input

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