Net gear is a know Brand in the Industry which positions itself in the market due to its Affordable price , Lifetime Warranty, Service Replacement Terms, App Based Switches, Economic NAS.

NGCGS724TP Netgear Switch

NGCGS724TP Netgear Switch

Item code Description MOP Tax Extra
NGCGS724TP 10/100/1000 24 Port (all) PoE+(190W) switch with 2 SFP uplink ports 21360 18%
NGCGS116LP 10/100/1000 16 Port Switch (with 16 PoE+ Ports)76W 15360 18%
NGCGS108LP 10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 8 PoE+ Ports)60W 7200 18%
NGCGS305P 10/100 5 Port Switch (With 4 PoE Ports) 55.4W 4080 18%
NGCGS608 10/100/1000 8 Port Switch 2016 18%
NGCGS316 10/100/1000 16 Port Switch 4848 18%
NGCGS308P 10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 4 PoE Ports) 5280 18%
NGCGS324 10/100/1000 24 Port Switch 7080 18%
NGCGS108PP 10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 8 PoE+ Ports)123W 8400 18%
NGCFS116P 10/100 16 Port Switch (with 8 PoE Ports)55W 8496 18%
NGCWAC505 Pro SAFE Dual Band 11 AC Access Point (WAVE2, MU MIMO) 8880 18%
NGCGS110TP 10/100/1000 (all)8 Port PoE(46W) switch with 2 SFP uplink ports 9120 18%
NGCWAC510 Pro SAFE Dual Band 11 AC Access Point (WAVE2, MU MIMO) 10200 18%
NGCGS724T 10/100/1000  24 Port switch with 2 dedicated SFP uplink ports 11010 18%
NGCGS510TLP 10/100/1000 (all) 8 Port Poe+ (78W) Switch with 2 SFP uplink Ports 16620 18%
NGCJGS524PE 10/100/1000 24 Port Switch (with 12 PoE Ports)100W 16800 18%
NGCGS116PP 10/100/1000 16 Port Switch (with 16 PoE+ Ports)183W 18000 18%
NGCGS348 10/100/1000 48 Port Switch 19200 18%
NGCGS750E 10/100/100 48 Port Switch with 2 SFP uplink port 21420 18%
NGCRN212 2 Bay Desktop NAS 24000 18%
NGCRBK50 AC3300 Tri- Band WIFI System 28980 18%
NGCRN214 4 Bay Desktop NAS 31200 18%

Netgear POE Switch

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Switches with Essential L2 Features for SMB Networks
NETGEAR Smart Managed Pro Switches offer powerful L2 and L2+/Layer 3 Lite features, great PoE functionality, and enhanced performance and usability. They are purposely designed for converged networks where voice, video, data are all carried on a single network platform. These switches are optimized for network efficiency, operational cost savings, and ease of management. These switches are the ideal solution even for the most advanced small and medium organizations looking for the best combination of features, performance, and value.
Designed for Converged Networks, Big or Small
  • PoE and PoE+ Support available for all configurations
  • Auto-Voice VLAN for fast and reliable deployment of VoIP
  • Auto-Video VLAN, following the same concept of Auto Voice, help speed up your deployment of IP-based surveillance systems
  • Static routing, helps route internal traffic for more efficient use of network resources
  • IGMP and MLD snooping, provides advanced multicast filtering
Build a Future-Proof Network with NETGEAR
  • Solid performance with a non-blocking architecture, 256 VLANs, 100 shared ACL entries, 32 static routes, and 512 Multicast Groups
  • Comprehensive IPv6 management, QoS and ACL, ensuring investment protection and a smooth migration to IPv6-based networking
  • PoE+ support on all ports with the GS510TLP, GS510TPP, GS418TPP, GS728TPv2, GS728TPPv2, GS752TPv2 and GS752TPP
  • The presence of SFP ports provide necessary fiber uplinks, while dedicated SFP ports on many models further builds uplink redundancy
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) support for more energy savings when unused ports or short cables
  • Advanced QoS with IPv4/IPv6 ingress traffic filtering (ACLs) and prioritization (QoS – Diff Serv)
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment for easy user authentication and location-independent access to network
Network Development Made Easy
  • Auto Voice VLAN for easy development of VoIP
  • Auto Video for simple deployment of IP Surveillance
  • ACL Wizard for a guided tour to set up your network access control
  • Smart Control Center, a powerful tool for multi-switch discovery, deployment, monitoring and firmware upgrades
  • PoE Timer for scheduling the on/off time of your PoE powered devices
Smart IT, not Big IT
  • Easy to manage via web browser-based management GUI or Smart Control Center for multi-switch deployment
  • Standard-based technology, ensuring interoperability with any standard-based devices in the existing network
  • Dual firmware images, improving reliability and uptime to your network

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