Biometric Time Attendance Machine handheld available in a fingerprint, RFID, Face option. Get Portable biometric attendance machine for your organization. A portable fingerprint attendance system helps you in saving money and taking attendance on the move. Do you want an attendance device for your organization? Call us at 9315441053. An attendance biometric device will help you in tracking your attendance.

portable attendance device

Portable Biometric Device

These attendnace machines can be used for capturing the attendance of field employees, contruction sites. A supervisior can carry the attendance machine and capture the attendance of the contrcutual and on role employees.

portable fingerprint attendance system

portable fingerprint attendance system

Biometric Device for Attendance

Portable Biometric Attendance System

Portable Biometric Attendance System

classroom attendance tracker

Students attendance Device

GPRS, Wi – Fi Module, Card Reader Module Based Hand Held Device.

handheld biometric device

Hand Held-Attendance-Device

Mobile biometric handheld device
Portable Biometric Attendance System
1000 template capacity Devices ( 500 users – 2 fingers). Wireless fingerprint attendance system
Fingerprint and Mifare Card-based Handheld Data Logger for Attendance System with Keyboard, LCD display 90000 Transaction Data, 1000 Validation ID Table With Emp.ID, Name, Birthday & Validity fields, with built-in Battery for 4 Hours operation, TCP/IP, USB. GPRS/ WiFi ( Optional )
Hand-Held Fingerprint Attendance System

Portable Time Attendance
GPRS, Wi-Fi Module, Card Reader Module for Micro Log Bio

Attendance biometric device

Portable Attendance Machine

Portable Attendance Machine

Wireless Fingerprint Reader | Handheld Biometric Attendance Machine.

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Hand Held Biometric based Class Room Attendance System

Best Biometric Time Attendance Machine

Classroom Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance is made easy & manageable with irrefutable personal Identification using “Touch-n-Go” Biometric Finger Print Technology. There is no need for ID cards, with real-time Finger identification in 1: N Mode. MicroBEN_Bio is the self-contained device with FVC 2004 & FVC 2006 Award-Winning Finger Print Sensor to enroll & store the Finger record, Identify users, save event logs and provides the interface with Computer for generating MIS Attendance Reports & data required for Payroll Calculation.

An HID Proximity/iClass or MIFARE Smart Card/ EM Proximity Reader may be integrated inside. The Finger Print template can be stored on iClass / MIFARE Card.

Hand Held Biometric Time Attendance System

MicroBEN_Bio provides superior speed & most importantly eliminates Buddy/Proxy
Punching. The Finger Parking angle & the guide is perfectly engineered to ensure impeccable finger scanning.

Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the protected area or to Clock
IN/OUT. With FingerPrint Module, Key Pad & an RF-based Reader (optional), it gives the operator a choice of access modes in any combination of Fingerprint, Card & PIN entries.

Operations of Hand Held Biometric Time Attendance System

Portable fingerprint scanner for time attendance.

  • Finger Print enrollment using MicroBEN_Bio is done once in the built-in memory.
  • User places their enrolled finger on the finger sensor for clocking IN/OUT.
  • The MicroBEN compares live finger with the finger stored in built-in memory and then stores Attendance data only upon “MATCH”.
  • LCD displays Employee Name and “Granted” message upon authentication (with Date & Time).
  • Optional : The Proximity Card is shown on the reader. If the card is Valid, user is prompted to put the finger on fingerprint reader.
  • User-friendly Reports can be generated by Time Pro Software, a high end Attendance Analysis software (optional).

COMMUNICATION options available in Portable Attendance Machine

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Networking of MicroBEN’s can be accomplished via the RS232C/RS485 or Ethernet (LAN/WAN/WiFi) or dial-up modem communication (using suitable External hardware). The attendance data can be pushed from anywhere in the world, in online mode using BroadBand to a Server. GPRS may also be used as the medium for data communication.

Technical Data GPRS Hand Held Attendance Machine

  • Finger ID Sensor Specification
  • CPU : 400MHz DSP CPU with 6000 Finger data storage (upgradable)
  • Enrolment Time : 2 second for finger capture
  • Identification Time (1:N): <1 Sec. (Typical) for 1000 Fingers
  • Allowable Finger Rotation: +/- 90 Degree
  • Allowable Finger Displacement: +/- 5mm
  • Sensor: Optical (16mm X 19mm), Scratchproof
  • Image Size : 280 x 320 Pixel, 500 DPI
  • Finger Template Size : 256 Bytes
  • Minutiae-only Template Extraction Algorithm with EER: <0.1%

Technical Specification Hand Held Attendance Machine

  • Memory : 52,500 Transaction Storage
  • Battery Back-up : Retention of Clock & Data upto 10 Years
  • Communication : RS232C or RS485 (Optional Ethernet / WiFi), Broad Band,GPRS
  • Card Reader Input : Optional Contact less RF Proximity Reader HID Prox/iClass/MIFARE/EM
  • Out Reader Interface : Card Reader of any type mentioned above may be interfaced
  • Keyboard : 4×4 Membrane Keyboard
  • Printer Interface : Serial Strip Printer
  • Display : 16×2 Backlit LCD(White in Blue)
  • Access Control : Dry/Wet (12V) Contact O/P & ReX (Request-to-Exit)& DOTL input

Environmental Specification of Hand Held Attendance Machine

  • Power: Wide Range SMPS Adapter (110-260V@50Hz +/-5Hz)
  • Dimension : 146 (H) X 154 (W) X 45 (D)mm
  • Enclosure : Dust Resistant ABS enclosure
  • Operating Temperature : 0-55 Degree C

Options Available with MicroBEN Bio Hand Held Biometric Time Attendance System

  • MicroBEN Bio : Finger Print Terminal(1:N) with RS 232C / RS 485 & Power Adaptor
  • MicroBEN Bio_Smart: Terminal with MIFARE Smart Card RF(13.56 MHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
  • MicroBEN Bio_iClass : Terminal with HID iClass RF(13.56 MHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adaptor
  • MicroBEN Bio_Pro : Terminal with EM compatible RF(125KHz) Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adapter
  • MicroBEN Bio_HID : Terminal with HID Prox Reader, RS 232C / RS 485 I/F & Power Adapter
  • In-Circuit TCP/IP: Built-in Ethernet Interface for MicroBEN Bio
  • MicroPROX/Prox Point/MicroSMART : Out Reader option
  • COMCON: RS 232C to RS 485 Converter
  • COMCON GPRS: GPRS based Interface converter
  • COMPRO 2000: Data downloading & Configuration Software
  • IP Server: Online Data transfer & Monitoring server /service
  • Smart Finger: Finger Print Enrollment Station
  • MIS Time Pro: Windows-based Time Office Software
  • eTIME Pro: Web-Based Attendance Management Software
  • ID Card: (a) Proximity Card (b) Contactless Smart Card
  • Door Lock: (a) Strike (b) EM Lock (c) Turnstile (d) Drop Bolt
  • Accessories: (a) Exit Switch (b) Lock/Reader Cable(c)Comm. Cable

Automated Classroom Attendance Solution

In College, taking Attendance for every class is repetitive, non-productive activity, yet mandatory. The traditional method of calling of Roll-call & marking Attendance register is being followed for ages now, which creates the need for digitizing this process by an accurate, faster & convenient electronic tool involving biometric verification of student’s finger.

It shall also comply with the following needs:

  • DIY (do-it-yourself)- The students shall punch their own attendance accurately & conveniently, while the lecture is ongoing, thus saving time spent otherwise.
  • Eliminate the probability of proxy attendance, thereby fixing the known leakage.
  • Automate Entry of Attendance Data in the college Academic MIS to capture Human errors/bias.
  • Visibility of attendance data online among students & parents for transparency.

AmpleTrails has evolved a classroom attendance solution, “smart Roll-Call” which compiles to the above requirement besides being faster & the effective tool to handle large lecture Halls where even roll-call is also not possible. It is a solution consisting of Hand-held Biometric Hardware & Application software to generate Analytical attendance report.

Micro LOG Bio:

Handheld Biometric Attendance management Terminal:

Micro LOG Bio automates and provides a convenient way to quickly record student attendance using Biometric Fingerprint based technology, to ensure identification accuracy, prevent errors and eliminate Proxy attendance even from identical twins.

Micro LOG Bio, is a Handheld, portable and rugged device (fall-proof up to 2 m).  The device has a battery backup of 4-6 hrs with an inbuilt WiFi module, LAN port for Data communication.

Student Attendance Monitoring

How does the solution work?

  • One time Register students and professor Fingerprint for Biometric attendance system.
  • Micro LOG Bio is configured initially with Master Data like the Professor, Courses being taken by him for semester & the students registered for the course under the said Professor.
  • During each lecture, the professors carry the Micro LOG Biodevice and logs in using his finger punches on the device. After the professor logs in, the subject drop-down will appear on the screen to select the class subject & marking it ready for student attendance.
  • The Micro LOG Bio is handed over to students to pass it around each student for finger punching. Upon completing the Attendance of all the students, the device is returned to the professor. The professor punches his finger again to log-out from the device.
  • After the professors log-out, which is equivalent to closing the Attendance Register, the data Are pushed to server in bulk mode & posted in the Application database for online Attendance report generation.

Benefits of Micro LOG Bio for student attendance monitoring:

  • Accurate Attendance: Educational institutions can centrally and accurately student attendance to prevent proxy attendance and errors/delays in Attendance data entry from Attendance register, which are common problems involved in manual attendance marking.
  • Convenience: The handheld biometric device is convenient to be carried by the professor to the classroom and also for student to hold in hand and mark their attendance by simply scanning their finger, without any training & infrastructure.
  • Saves Time & Reduce Paper work: Biometric based student attendance system saves the valuable lecture time, everyday (normally 10% of the class time) to record class attendance in less than 2 seconds per student.
  • Increases transparency between student, Professor and parents: A separate login and notification facility in Web Based Application software is available for students, professor and parents to increase transparency of college attendance systems.
  1. Capturing Finger template along with other details/student & professor Information, assuring that the Master database is created
  2. Data stores in main database at server
  3. Data is pushed to biometric handheld attendance system through LAN or WiFi/ GPRS with finger templates
  4. User can punch their finger at machine
  5. Transaction Data is pushed to main server through LAN/WiFi/ GPRS
  6. Updated Report can be viewed from MIS software

What are the types of report obtained?
[slideshare id=86745231&doc=handheldbiometricattendance-180126145613]Keeping the Universities’ requirement in mind, under mentioned reports provided for individual which will have the details of individual student as well as consolidated present & absent percentage:-

  • Daily Report (B) Weekly Report    (C) Monthly Report     (D) Semester Report.

Where the solutions are currently deployed?

The smart Roll-Call solution is successfully deployed in the best technical Institutions of India. The referrals may be provided on request.

Get one for your organization now! Email us at

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Biometric Time Attendance System


Biometric Time Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance Machine MT100 (Portable Device) is a fingerprint and RFID card reader specialized for time attendance application. The portable feature and long battery life makes it perfect for off-site time management. While tracking time and attendance accurately, it helps increase efficiencies in managing a mobile workforce on remote sites. MT100 portable time clock is highly demanded in Teacher Student Roster Verification, Construction Sites, Logistic Industries, Large Farms and the Mining Industry etc.

SpecificationsFeaturesBrochure Portable Attendance Machine

Users: 1200 Fingerprints
Card Capacity: 3000 Cards
Log Capacity: 50,000 Tansactions
Sensor: Infrred Auto-sleep Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version: 10.0 V
Communication: USB client
Power: 5V, 800mA
Battery: 2000mA Lithium Battery
Operating Temperature: -10°C – 40°C
Dimension(LxWxD): 162.5 x 52 x 46 mm
Ingress Protection Rate: IP65

Technical Specification
Storage CapacityFingerprint Templates1,200
 Card Capacity3,000
 Log Capacity50,000
SensorFingerprint SensorInfrared Auto-sleep Optical Sensor
 Fingerprint AlgorithmFinger VX10.0
CommunicationCommunicationUSB Client
 Built-in RF Card Reader125KHz Proximity Card
Power & EnvironmentBattery2,000mA Lithium Battery
 Operating Temperature10oC
 Dimensiona(LxWxD)162 x 52 x 46mm
 Ingression Protection RateIP65
Features1.44” color LCD display
 Fingerprint authentication, accurate and convenient and effectively stop”buddy Punching”
 IP65 rated water resistance & dustproof
 Low Power Consumption, Standby 7 days
 specialized for standalone time and attendance
 Dedicated Time and Attendance Software For System
  Configuration, Data Collection and making reports

 Handheld Face Attendance Machine 

Portable Handheld Face recognition Devices for Mobile Identification

All new latest portable face scanner time attendance device. Portable Face Card Pin scanner time attendance device.

  • Face + Card + PIN ,Light Weight Handheld Device.
  • 1000 Face User capacity, 100000 Transaction data Storage
  • 1Ghz High speed Digital Processor.
  • TCP/IP , USB, Wigand IN & OUT
  • 2.8” TFT Screen.
  • Push To Server , TCP/IP, USB Host.
  • 0- 5000 LUX.
  • 16 Snaps of face Template for each users.
  • Specialized Dual Sensor.
  • 4 Hours Battery Backup.

It is more relevant to deploy newer technologies like Face Recognition attendance machines & QR Code Readers etc., after the Virus threat with newer Cloud/IoT based technologies.

face recognition attendance system price

face recognition attendance system price