AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) by AmpleTrails

Enhancing Time Attendance in Government Organizations with AEBAS

The AADHAAR Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS), offered by AmpleTrails, is a state-of-the-art solution for improving attendance management in government sectors. Utilizing the AADHAAR number for authentication, AEBAS brings a new level of efficiency and security.

AmpleTrails' AEBAS: Advanced Authentication Technology

AmpleTrails' AEBAS solution is powered by the COSEC VEGA FAXQ, an advanced biometric attendance device. This system ensures quick and secure verification through AADHAAR numbers and fingerprints, making it an ideal choice for government organizations.

COSEC VEGA FAXQ: Revolutionizing Government Attendance Management with AEBAS

The integration of COSEC VEGA FAXQ in AEBAS by AmpleTrails is revolutionizing attendance management in government bodies. This system not only streamlines attendance tracking but also enhances overall workforce productivity and security.

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Matrix COSEC VEGA FAXQ: Revolutionizing Presence Recording and Security Verification

Dual Modes for Efficient Time Tracking and Identity Confirmation

Matrix's COSEC VEGA FAXQ, a leading-edge biometric security system, introduces dual modes for time tracking, ensuring both convenience and fortified validation in attendance management. This advanced system is ideal for enhancing personnel management in public sector entities.

Swift Smart Card and Fingerprint Scanning Technology

The primary mode leverages a smart card integrated with the user's AADHAAR number, coupled with a quick fingerprint scan, to ensure a rapid yet secure check-in process, typically completing in under 1.5 seconds.

Manual Entry for Secure Employee Check-In

Alternatively, the device also supports manual entry of the AADHAAR number followed by biometric verification, maintaining the system's commitment to secure and error-free digital attendance solutions, particularly crucial in governmental bodies.

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Wifi Enabled Biometric Machine

MFSTAB 3G LAN + Wifi Enabled Biometric Machine

MFSTAB 3G LAN + Wifi Enabled Biometric Machine

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Wifi Enabled Biometric Machine with LAN

The foundation of the Aadhaar program is based on biometric and demographic data that is unique to each citizen. The attendance web portal will use the information entered in the biometric devices and will act as a centralized management information system (MIS) for attendance. Under the new attendance system, the employees would be able to mark their attendance using biometric reading devices in various government offices. It will facilitate employees mark their attendance at other central offices also which would help the government to track their movements. AmpleTrails is providing Aadhaar enabled biometric time and attendance machine.

We are the largest supplier of Aadhaar based Biometric Time Attendance Machine.

iTab XP – Aadhaar Enabled Android TAB

Details Information of UIDAI approved Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance device.

Biometric Attendance System based on Aadhaar Authentication.


Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

Tablet Specification: 1.0 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, Support GSM SIM, 4GB internal internal storage ,which is expandable upto 8GB, One Micro USB Port, front facing VGA camera, Internal speaker, 7” Capacitive Touch Screen with display resolution of 800 x 480 pixel, GSM SIM card slot, Battery backup Upto 120 minutes, SAR values within acceptable range, Separate charging cort – AC adapter with 230 V, 50Hz operation, Micro USB host cable connectivity, 2G/3G mobile applicable, Wi-FI – I EEE 802.11b/g/n, Android 4.2.2 operating system, and Full featured web browser.

Scanner Specification: Image Resolution – 508 DPI, Image size – 258 x 336 pixels, Platen size – 16.1mm x 18.2mm, Effective sensing area – 12.9mm x 16.8mm, Image gray scale – 256 levels(8-bit), Light source / Typical life time – LED / 60,000 hrs, Fingerprint capture speed – 0.5 to 1.2 Sec with Smart Capture, Interface – USB 1.1 full speed, USB 2.0 high speed, 5V DC supply voltage (Via USB), 150mA current consumption, 27 x 40 x 73mm dimensions (W x L x H), 100g weight, 1500mm
cable length, Operating Temperature: -20 to 65 C, Operating humidity – 90% or less RH, ANSI I NCI TS 378 standards supported, BioAPI, FI Ps 201, ISO/I EC 19794-2, I SO/I EC 19794-4, Compliance – FCC, CE, RoHS, FBI PI V Single Finger, STQC, Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Android. AmpleTrails is providing biometric time and attendance machine which is according to the required specifications. If you want to place an order or want to get more information contact us at 09315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 or 09034757673

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ParameterSpecification required
Tablet PC Make & Model 
Processor2.1 GHz Dual Core or higher
RAM1 GB or higher
Internal Memory8 GB or above
External MemoryExpandable through micro SD card up to 32GB
PortsMicro USB 2.0 with OTG support, Round Pin Power input
Ethernet LAN PortTo support Ethernet based LAN for Internet connectivity.
Display7” (- 0.1”/+0.4”) Capacitive Touch with Multi Touch Gestures
Display Resolution800 x 480  Pixels or higher, 16 Million Colours
Blue ToothVersion 4.0
Inbuilt SIM Slot3G/ 4 G, SIM Slot
Mifare Smart Card OptionDevice should have Buit in Smart Reader to store the last 8 Digit Addhar Number .
CamerasFront Facing Camera with VGA solution
Battery3000 mAH Li-Ion Battery
OSLinux, Android Lollipop or latest versions of operating systems
Screen guardStandard Screen guard for the Tablet PC
CertificationsFor OEM : ISO 9001 : 2008,
General requirements1. Application to be deployed on android tablet.
2. The Supplier has to provide all necessary technical support for
integration of their device drivers with the client software and
associated UIDAI attendance applications.


Finger Print Scanner Make & ModelMorpho-Sagem
Single Finger Print ScannerSTQC certified Single Finger-print Optical Scanner for Aadhar Authentication with driver software,
in-built template extractor software API/SDK for Android Lollipop or latest version OS.
Resolution:Minimum 500 DPI with 5% margin on the lower side
Capture modePlain live scan capture
Image Acquisition RequirementsAs per Standards for UIDAI Applications.
Maximum Acquisition time
(Placement to Template) :
< 3 secs.
Capture modeAuto capture with built-in quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations).
Capture area> 12mm x 18mm or higher
Connectivity2Micro USB.
Device should have integrated with Micro USB cable to connect to the Tablet PC.
Operating temperature0 – 500 C
Humidity10 – 90% non-condensing
Standards1. The Biometric device must be STQC approved.
2. The Biometric  device  must  be UIDAI enlisted to use  forAEBAS application.
3.  The Bidder shall provide all necessary technical support for interfacing  the integrated Biometric  Device  with  AEBAS server through the mobile application software of  NIC.
STQC certificate of the device must be enclosed to Technical Bid.
4. Device should be plug and play with any Android Operating Systems and  Application  Software without  need  of any additional Software/License.
Software API1. Compliant with UIDAI Device Capture common API specification.
2. API/SDK for Android Lollipop and above.
3. Supplier shall provide all necessary technical support for integration of their device drivers with the attendance software and associated UIDAI applications.
Enclosure1.  Tablet PC and Finger Print Scanner shall be fixed firmly in an enclosure made up of Unbreakable (Hard) Fiber enclosure.
2.  The enclosure should be durable and should be able to withstand rough daily operational usage.
4.  The tablet should be vertically oriented in the casing. This is important because the attendance Application to be deployed is designed to run in vertical mode only.
5.  The Finger Print Scanner should be ergonomically placed to support ease of usage for Biometric attendance in standing posture of the users.
6.  The enclosure should be designed to cover / hide the android task bar of the Tablet PC, to prevent misuse of any other functionality of the tablet.
7.  The enclosure should have provision to access the power / reset button of the Tablet PC.
ApplicationThe Integrated device should be compatible and integrated with attendance application software of NIC and confirmation to that effect shall be submitted along with the bid. If the same is not done already, the same shall be tested and a report to that effect shall be submitted along with the bid.
The Biometrics data captured at the device level should be encrypted and comply as per UIDAI standards.

Tablet Based Biometric Attendance System

Tablet SpecificationScanner SpecificationDownload

  • Processor – 1.0 GHz Processor
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Support GSM SI M
  • Internal Storage – 4GB internal, Expandable storage Upto 8GB
  • USB Port – One Micro USB Port
  • Front-facing VGA Camera
  • Internal Speaker
  • 7” Capacitive Touch Screen – Display Resolution 800 x 480 pixel
  • GSM SI M Card Slot
  • Battery backup Upto 120 minutes
  • SAR values within acceptable range
  • Separate Charging Port – AC adapter with 230 V, 50Hz Operation
  • Micro USB host cable connectivity
  • 2G/3G mobile applicable
  • Wi-FI – I EEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Android 4.2.2 operating system
  • Full featured web browser

  • Image Resolution – 508 DPI
  • Image Size – 258 x 336 Pixels
  • Platen Size – 16.1mm x 18.2mm
  • Effective Sensing area – 12.9mm x 16.8mm
  • Image Grayscale – 256 levels(8-bit)
  • Light Source / Typical life time – LED / 60,000 hrs
  • Fingerprint Capture Speed – 0.5 to 1.2 Sec with Smart Capture
  • Interface – USB 1.1 Full Speed, USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Supply Voltage – 5V DC (Via USB)
  • Current Consumption – 150mA
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) – 27 x 40 x 73mm
  • Weight – 100g
  • Cable length – 1500mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 65 C
  • Operating Humidity – 90% or less RH
  • Supported Standards – ANSI I NCI TS 378, BioAPI, FI Ps 201,
  • I SO/I EC 19794-2, I SO/I EC 19794-4
  • Compliance – FCC, CE, RoHS, FBI PI V Single Finger, STQC
  • Supported Operating Systems – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Android

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS), Fingerprint


Aadhaar based Biometric Attendance System Suppliers

(Note: For Windows 7 and above)
  • ACCESS COMPUTECH (Model – Startek FM220 – ACPL): – Download (30.0 MB)
  • SECUGEN CORPORATION (Model – HAMSTER PRO 20): – Download (3.0 MB)
  • IRITECH INC. (Model – IriShield-USB): – Download (10.6 MB)
  • MANTRA SOFTECH (Model – MFS100): – Download (19.6 MB)
(Note: For Android v4.4  and above)
  1. AEBAS Android Client APK Version 4.0: – Download (3.51 MB)
  2. Installation guide: – Download (2.46 MB)

For more information contact us at 09034757673, 09315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 or email us at info@ampletrails.com.

Biometric Time and Attendance Machine Aadhaar

Itab Xt – Finger +LAN + Mifare Reader + WiFi + 3G.

Biometric Attendance System with Sim Card

Enhanced Authentication with Matrix COSEC VEGA FAXQ

Dual Authentication Modes for Efficient Attendance Marking

The Matrix COSEC VEGA FAXQ stands at the forefront of attendance management technology, offering dual authentication modes to ensure a blend of convenience and security. This system allows users to mark attendance through two distinct yet equally reliable methods, ensuring swift and secure authentication.

Smart Card and Fingerprint Verification

The first mode involves using a smart card containing the user's AADHAAR number, followed by a fingerprint scan. This process completes in less than 1.5 seconds, exemplifying efficiency without compromising security.

Manual AADHAAR Number Entry

Alternatively, users can manually enter their AADHAAR number into the device and then proceed with fingerprint verification. This traditional method upholds the system's commitment to secure and error-free attendance management, particularly in government sectors.

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