Fingerprint Sensors Lumidigm Mercury-M311

Lumidigm VenusFingerprint Sensors Lumidigm Mercury-M311 desktop sensor is a stand-alone biometrics reader that can easily be attached to a host PC or intelligent controller via a standard USB cable. The Fingerprint Sensors Lumidigm Mercury-M311 reader can be configured to support several modes of operation. Device installation and operation is simple and easy. Because of the highly integrated design and advanced architecture, both the speed and biometrics accuracy of this device is very good.

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Connection: USB 2.0 or RS-232
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows (32bit and 64bit)
Resolution: 500 ppi
Image bit depth: 8-bit, 256 grayscale
Imaging area: 17.4 x 13.9 mm (rectangular)
Sensor type: Optical
Illumination: Multispectral
Supply current (operational): +5 VDC 225 mA (peak)
Supply current (idle): +5 VDC 100 mA (typical)
Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +60°C;
Operating humidity: 0% – 95% RH non-condensing
Sensor size (without shell and electronic control unit): 27 x 30 x 41 mm

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