Biometric System Attendance Machine

Biometric Machine with Battery Backup

Biometric System Attendance Machine is used to automate the attendance of employees in the organizations.  What is biometrics is the question that arises.  Biometric is related to human characteristics.  This is used in various fields like access control system, attendance management system for marking the in and out time.  In the access control system it helps in uniquely identify the person and allowing access to the building door or resource.  Biometric system is even used in safe locks.  You need biometric system for marking attendance of employees for smooth running of business.


Older methods of marking attendance

  • Make sure you don’t used the outdated methods of marking attendance like using register to mark the in and out time of employee where an employee signs in a register to mark his present.
  • Marking attendance using the pin code is also an outdated method of marking attendance as one can use other person pin to mark attendance.
  • Card swipe is also outdated as one can give card to another person for marking attendance.
  • Make sure you use Biometric system for the attendance management where you use attendance machine to mark attendance.  It can be using the fingerprint of the employees, face or palm for the identification of the employees attendance.

Advantages of Biometric machine

It saves time that is wasted in calculation of the employee attendance.  By using the attendance machine one can focus more on business rather on calculating the employees attendance.

Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location

Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location

Security of attendance data

People who have access to the machine will be only able to access the data of employees.  Machine can have admin lock where only the authorized person would be able to open the menu of the machine.  The data is completely secure and safe. Different access

Real time data of employees

Get the data of the employees from the machine in real time.  Our software collect data from the attendance machine in real time by polling the attendance machine.  There are some smart biometric machines which has push data technology.  The advantage of this system is as soon as person mark an attendance his record will be send to center server having static IP address.  This static IP address is configured in the machine.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine F18 With F12

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine F18 With F12

Monitoring multi location time attendance

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