money-making-real-estateThings to do while starting a property business.

  • Build Database: Build a database of people who want to invest in property and who want to sell properties.
  • Most important thing is buyer and seller.   Make a big list of both of them.
  • Introduce big dealer in beginning.  People who don’t have experience in properties should involve big and existing dealers.   They can help you in ensuring paper correctness and help you in preventing fraud.
  • Have a great website which list all your properties.  List all the properties you have.  A lot of people do search on the internet before buying a property.  For getting a dynamic website, please write at in**@am*********.com
  • Find the details of the projects.  See the reputation of the builder weather they have delivered projects on time.
  • Leverage and alive your contacts.  Call them to say hello and tell them you are into property dealing.
  • Knowledge, Domain Experience, Documentation verification,  Circle rate are the key to be successful in property dealing.
  • Knowledge about tax is very important, you should have deep understanding of existing laws which will help you in suggesting right property to your clients. e.g. capital gain, registry charges, stamp duty.
  • Have crispness and beauty in doing things.
  • Prepare a questioner with all the questions which will help you in identifying if the buyer is a serious buyer and is having money ready to invest.   Find out if he need
  • Go deep in the contacts.
  • Mock Research. If a buyer share your requirement do some mock research.  Try to find out the properties by calling properties dealers as a buyer.  Get live information, updates about all the latest research.
  • Find about super area.
  • Get the brochures of every builder.
  • Get a Customer Relationship Management CRM, this will help you in maintaining the information about the customers.
  • Email your customers about the project updates.

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