Managing a school or college or any other educational institute without a perfect software solution is painful now a days and this is same in the case of business and enterprises. Hence and appropriate solution required which can ensure the smooth functioning of the organization as a whole. Now days a lot of companies are providing us with the school management software system by which this problem can simply be solved. We just have to concentrate and work on it and choose the right and best software management system for our schools and colleges. The core function of these software systems is to administrate the activities in an educational institution with advance features and attitude. The school management software is design in a centralized manner and that too in a single admin module. The school software is completely a web base software solution which can be accessed from where ever we are.

The best software management system enables the schools and colleges to increase their productivity by focusing more on academic. All the school software systems are well design and customary the school management module which can be used in any educational institute worldwide for the entire administration management and activities related to learning. It helps to manage the student, teachers, parents, courses, fees, exam, time table and much more in effective and efficient manners.
Institute Management System

The various usefulness of the Online School College Management Software System is as follows:-

1. On-line end to end campus management solution
2. Bring parent, teachers, student and management on a common interactive platform.
3. Reduce administration cost and paper work by 50%
4. Data conversion into various format
5. Bulk data uploading facility
6. Multiple campus management
7. Cost effective solution for total management
8. 100 of automated and quick report generation
9. Used friendly interface requiring minimal IT skill
10. Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
11. Student fees and payment monitoring and management
12. Facility performance rating by student
13. Certificate collection and management
14. Up to date monitoring of faculty performance and syllabus coverage
15. 24/7 accessibility from across the globe

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The system offer high flexibility and an abounded of features collaboratly create quality education system. Their main features are to provide seamless network campus and the paperless administration. The online software solution is the best solution for the centralized management of the academic data and this application platform provide the Wright communication link between faculty parent and student so that a good feedback system and a knowledge rich environment can be created to improve the education system. It also contains an exam management system that provides accessibility of result, statistics and customary report generation. This system work across the internet as well as the organization internet and extranet.

The online software system provides the frame work with all member of an institution can access, view and manage their account. The product is software which provides a systematic approach to control, describe, store, retrieve and share information contained, it has a group of independent and enters depended features and function working together from the backbone of any computer installation.

The online school college management and administrative software is developing to tater to the needs of the educational sector. This software will help us systemized the running of school and make it fast more efficient in the process. The software companies have made it in as their debt duties into the various systems opted by school and institution and have developed the software to ease the stress behind it working. The product is very cost effective and very easy to use.

Multiple use of school management software system

  1. Administrative module – it is the heart and soul of web school, school management software, it main purpose is to manage all the school administrative works like the new student login detail to staff, student details, exam detail, time table detail, transport detail, activities detail and more.

It an effective tool to maintain student admission process and saves all student record. An administration is a key user in each branch and they have the complete control over student and staffs.


  1. Student Module – a manual login system of student allow them to retrieve the detailed time table even like subject, time and teacher allocation. Alteration or changes in the event would be automatically notified to them.

Once we login we have to do is just heck the message folder; inbox might have notification and warning like exam time tables, fees payment details, over dues pays, library book, lending issues etc. we do not have to rush to the library for checking the books issues to be return or the one which are issued. Detail description of the status, book reference number due date and issued date would be provided.

  1. Teacher Module – It is an internal parts of software school information system because of it many vital operations like generating time table, exam detail, report submission and more. This module lets to manage teacher and other staff attendance through password login – log out to implement lease policy automatically.

Teacher can log in with their password to get all update report on student performance and attendance. It help teacher to reduce their work load and be ready with future plan for student.

  1. Parent Module – with the authenticated login id system parent can easily track the performance of their child in both academic and extracurricular activities by checking through the report option

Parent can easily extract the child attendance detail, time table and event schedule can also be viewed which gives an opportunity for the parents to keep on track the day to day happening in the school. Fees details like the amount and due date can easily be viewed by the parent at the distance of few click. Any overdue pays and their details can also be extracted.

The software companies have a bunch of well experience professionals just to help us with our issues and they are available to us 24X7. Any doubt or queries we have regarding the working or the function of the school management software will be easily sorted by their team. Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle the software.