AmpleTrails, an integrated technology solutions company functioning in the Enterprise Communication and Information Technology domains, is today regarded as an ideal partner for organizations looking at Transformational IT solutions. Intellicon’s pan India presence, combined with its acknowledged capability to optimize its core capabilities across diverse technology platforms, fine human resource compliances, and commitment to quality and support facilitates the delivery of best-in-class solutions resulting in complete customer delight. In an age of convergence, Intellicon paces the future with an excellent performance paradigm.

NEC Corporation was founded in 1899 and is one of the world’s leaders in the integration of IT and network technologies dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its diverse and global base of customers. By providing a combination of IT and networking products and solutions that cross utilize the company’s experience and global resources, NEC delivers tailored solutions in the key fields of computer, networking and electronic devices. Today, NEC is a company with over ¥2,935.5 billion sales revenue (Fiscal year ended Mar. 31 2015), and has more than 120,000 employees worldwide.

NEC SL2100 at a glance

  • Flexible chassis architecture
  • Web based UC application
  • Wide range of endpoints / fixed & mobile
  • Easy Installation & configuration
  • Range of Embedded NEC Applications
  • Easy Migration: Backward/Forward compatibility with SL1000 terminals
Product code Description Product model Category
BE110239 IP4WW-Battery Box SL2100 Hardware
BE110790 IP4WW-WALL MOUNT UNIT DT 800 series Terminal Option
BE116493 IP7WW-4KSU-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116499 IP7WW-CPU-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116500 IP7WW-VOIPDB-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116501 IP7WW-EXIFB-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116502 IP7WW-SDVMS-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116503 IP7WW-SDVML-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116504 IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116505 IP7WW-308U-A1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116506 IP7WW-082U-B1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116507 IP7WW-008U-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116509 IP7WW-000U-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116510 IP7WW-3COIDB-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116511 IP7WW-2BRIDB-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116512 IP7WW-1PRIDB-C1 SL2100 Hardware
BE116513 IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL(BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116514 IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL(BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116515 IP7WW-12TXH-B1 TEL(BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116516 IP7WW-24TXH-B1 TEL(BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116517 IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 TEL(BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116518 IP7WW-60D DSS-A1 CONSOLE (BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116519 IP7WW-60D DSS-B1 CONSOLE (BK) SL2100 Hardware
BE116744 SL2100 IP CHANNEL-16 LIC SL2100 License
BE116745 SL2100 IP TRUNK-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116746 SL2100 IP EXT-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116747 SL2100 ENCRYPTION LIC SL2100 License
BE116748 SL2100 ASPIRENET-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116750 SL2100 REMOTE CONF-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116751 SL2100 VM E-MAIL NOTIFY LIC SL2100 License
BE116752 SL2100 IN-ACD LIC SL2100 License
BE116753 SL2100 HOTEL LIC SL2100 License
BE116754 SL2100 PMS LIC SL2100 License
BE116756 SL2100 3RD CTI LIC SL2100 License
BE116757 SL2100 MOBILE EXT-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116760 SL2100 WEB VIDEO CNF-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE116763 SL2100 INGUARD LIC SL2100 License
BE116764 SL2100 LUA PMS LIC SL2100 License
BE116765 SL2100 CC MIS LIC SL2100 License
BE116766 SL2100 CC MIS MONITOR LIC SL2100 License
BE117309 IP7WW-308-A BASIC KIT SL2100 Hardware
BE117552 SL2100 IN-UC CLIENT-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE117668 SL2100 ACD P-EVENT LIC SL2100 License
BE117743 SL2100 DT CLIENT-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE117745 SL2100 SOFTPHONE-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE117747 SL2100 CRM INTEGRATION-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE117749 SL2100 INMAIL INT-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE117876 ITX-1615-1W(BK)TEL GT series Terminal
BE118221 SL2100 IN-UC BRWSR TEL-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE119099 SL2100 INHOTEL LIC SL2100 License
BE119100 SL2100 INHOTEL ROOM-01 LIC SL2100 License
BE119746 SL2100 INREPORT LIC SL2100 License


· A 10-year-old Technology Solution Provider with an established presence in Enterprise Communication and Automatic Data Capture

· Currently perceived as a leading System Integrator with proven expertise and ‘Smart’ capabilities in optimizing Enterprise Communication, Data Capture, AV Integration, and Security Solutions

· Building strong international business relationships with organizations perceived as global leaders in their domains of expertise

· Leveraging the ‘Customer Engagement’ experience through strong sales & support presence across India

· Extending our customer reach through more than 100 channel partners

· Enhancing organizational credibility through our knowledge equity & value-driven human assets


NECSL2100 brochure


NEC Customer List



SV9100 Product Description

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