EC 10Elevator Controller EC 10 Buildings and skyscrappers in the modern era has taken a revolution on its own. Increase in multi-floor apartments and offices have increaced the demand of elevators for better floor access. But, elevator with all floor access would increase the risk and would pose a threat to human kind. Our elevator controller with German technology has enabled a shield to protect people and their loved ones. With 10 floor access control and an additional extention of floors has made our products economical and advanced in performance.


Floor Button Control Relays : 10
Fingerprint Capacity : 3,000
Proximity Card Capacity : 30,000
Event Capacity : 100,000
Power Supply : 12V DC 1A
Communication to computer : Ethernet, RS485
Communication to EX16 : RS485
Number of supported EX16 boards : 3

Supports both RFID and Fingerprint slave readers
Fail Safe Mode
Real-time upload of user access privileges
Real-time event monitoring
User-defined floor access privilege

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