De-duplication of Employees using Face
De-duplication of Employees using Face

Employees are joining the organisation & they may have the previous working record with the Company. While the person is shortlisted for the job, he shall be verified by the Shop Manager at the field level about any previous record with the existing Database with Face Recognition technology.

Workflow for the Proposed System

The Initial Steps:

  1. The new joinee/person passes the Interview at the Field Level.
  2. The Retail Manager is supposed to propose his candidature to HR.

Utilizing Smart Face App:

The Manager has Smart Face App with the New Employee Onboarding Screen. He enters the minimal Data like Name, Aadhaar ID/Mobile Number & capture the Photo using the Mobile Camera. This captured Information about the new Joinee, is pushed to the Back-end Cloud Server from Smart Face Application, where all the previous Master data with Photo is stored/hosted, for deduplication check, using AI based Face recognition Technology.

De-duplication Process:

The cloud-based duplication Engine searches for a similar looking face in the back-end database of the previously registered Employee in online mode (assuming internet connectivity). The search result is displayed on the Smart Face App within a maximum of 10 seconds, with a list of Employee having similar looking Face, with Photo, Aadhaar Number, Name for tracking & Visual Verification. Additionally, Location, Date of enrollment etc., may also be fetched, if needed.


  • If any similar Face is/are identified with a previous record, the records (with Name/Photo/Aadhaar ID), Manager still may recommend the person. However, it goes & sits in the Draft Table with a “Fail” Flag.
  • If no duplicate Face is identified for this new Joinee (meaning no previous record), it goes & sits in a Draft Table with a “Pass” Flag.

Final Steps by HR Team:

The HR Team will have an Option/Page in Smart Face where the Draft New Joinee data with all Basic captured Information will be listed with Pass/fail Flag. They can select & onboard the employee in Main Smart Face Database directly from here, as usual process being followed at Haldiram. The HR Team will also be given an option of marking the “Reason” for Resignation for cessation Employee, which will be kept with past record. If any adverse reason are there that may also be mapped in the Text Descriptive Field. This Data may be pulled out if the same employee tries to join after the deduplication process captures this Employee as old employee.

Integration with Attendance System:

If the AI based Device (VF200) is installed at the location where the new Employee is onboarded successfully after the above process is complied with, the Face Template will automatically be downloaded to the machine by Smart Face for Attendance, on VF200.

De-duplication of Employees Fingerprint recognition
De-duplication of Employees Fingerprint recognition

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