Attendance Machine Buy Online

Do you want to buy attendance machines online but worried about service?  How will you get after-sales support?  Who will come for the installation of the machine?  How software will be installed?  How software related query will be resolved?  These are the major concerns that everyone has when attendance machines are purchased online.

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A lot of online stores are marketing Attendance Machines online but the problem with them is nobody provides after-sales support. They are just the marketplace where people list products and they market and sell them.  So it’s not advisable to buy such products from those online stores.

Biometric Devices – Buy Biometric Attendance Tracker System Online

After-sales services are required for Time and Attendance Machines.  When bought an online attendance machine requires the service engineer to provide training about the usage of the attendance machine.  One needs to tell me how to operate the hardware and how to operate the software.

Digital Time Attendance System

There are so many features of attendance machine and software which may be related or of interest to the user.  These machines are generalized machines when they are made they are made for having a large population in mind.  So there may be features that may not be of any interest to you.

Attendance Machine Buy Online

Attendance Machine Buy Online

Common terms used related to attendance machine when purchasing machine online.

Some of the terms related to Biometric attendance machines that are mentioned on the website when you buy Attendance Machine Online.

  • FRR = False Reject Rate: False rejection rate is refers to the probability that the system fails to detect a match between the input pattern and a matching template in the database. It measures the percent of valid inputs that are incorrectly rejected.
  • FAR = False Accept Rate: False Accept rate refers to the probability that the system incorrectly matches the input pattern to a non-matching template in the database. It measures the percent of invalid inputs that are incorrectly accepted.
  • Fingerprint Capacity/Users: It’s the number of fingerprints that can be enrolled on the device.
  • Cards Capacity: It’s the total number of cards that can be enrolled on the biometric attendance machines.
  • Transactions: Total number of transaction records stored in the machines.  It may refer to as in out data records that are captured in the attendance machine.
  • DPI Optical Sensor: It refers to the Dot Per Inch. The more the number better it will be.  The general value of this is 500.
  • Identification Speed: Its the speed by which a user fingerprint/card/face will be matched with the user database present in the Biometric Attendance Machine.
  • Operating Temperature: This plays an important role when machines are used in extreme weather conditions.  This is the temperature range in which the machine will work.
  • Operating Humidity:  It refers to the range in which a biometric machine will work.

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Total Integrated Solution

Total Integrated Solution

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