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We have quantity stock available for 600lbs Electromagnetic Lock of Algatech. We are one of the largest dealers, distributors, suppliers of EM Locks in India. Algatech is known for its quality locks. Algatech UL275-S model is the best seller model in India. ALAUL275CSPN is the best selling also known as 600lbs electromagnetic lock unmonitored type 12V LED Lamp Only Lock. Another best seller is UL275-D which is a 600lbs Double Door EM Lock Unmonitored type.
Which is the best electromagnetic lock?

Desc Category Brand
Exit Button 3 inches x 3 inches ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
Exit Button 3 inches x 1 inch ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
Electric Drop Bolt with status signal ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
L brackets for 600lbs EM Lock Series surface type standard doors ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
U Brackets for 600lbs EM Lock Series surface type glass door application ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
600lbs Double EM Lock with LED Indicator lamp only Unmonitored ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
600lbs electromagnetic lock unmonitored type 12V LED Lamp Only ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
600lbs Double EM Lock with LED Monitored ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
600lbs EM Lock with LED Monitored ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
Z bracket for 600lbs EM Lock ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
1200lbs Electromagnetic Lock with electronic kick off feature monitored type ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
LS Bracket applicable for EM Lock 1200 Lbs MOQ of 10 ACCESS CONTROL ALGATEC
Electromagnetic Lock Algatech

Electromagnetic Lock Algatech

Algatec em lock datasheet

600lbs EM locks were designed to meet fire/life safety applications by providing an auxiliary locking mechanism that has no moving parts to bind or wear out for trouble-free operation. This will ensure inhibited release at all times where they have become extremely prevalent in applications other than fire/life safety. Suitable for access controlled & secure areas within the building.

Applications Algatec Electromagnetic Lock

  • No Residual Low Energy Consumption
  • Cost Savings
  • 12/24V Selectable
  • Ideal for all door type

Algatec Access Control

  • Lock Status Monitoring
  • Electroless Nickel (EN) Plated Armature Plate
  • Anodized Aluminium Housing
  • CE Compliance
  • Unmonitored type
  • 12Vdc or 24Vdc (nonselectable type)

We are producers and export distributors of ALGATEC electro-magnetic Locks. All of our products comply with and exceed the CE specifications & RoHS standards as well as other international standards. Private labeling is always available.
If you have any questions about design, availability, pricing, or ordering procedure, please let me know. We also have an excellent discount schedule for quantity purchases.

Specification of Algatech EM Lock 600 LBS

  • UL275-S / UL275-SL
  • Magnet Size 250 X 42 X 26 mm
  • Armature Size 180 X 38 X 11 mm
  • Holding Force Up to 600lbs
  • Current Drain 480mA±10%/12Vdc / 240mA±10%/24Vdc
  • Temperature (-10 to 55)°C (14 to 131)°F
  • Weight 2.0kg
ALGATEC Brochure EM Lock
  • 600 lbs Electromagnetic Lock
  • Holding force upto 600 lbs,ideal for all door types
  • Low energy consumption with zero residual magnetism
  • Vandal Resistant

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