Bulk SMS Services:

Send bulk SMS bulk sms services Send bulk SMS services

To communicate with large target audience Enterprises required some reliable and best way.  Bulk SMS service is one of those best way which enterprises use to communicate with there large number of audience.  They use Bulk SMS services for SMS marketing.  AmpleTrails provides web based Bulk SMS platform, which allows users to send any number of SMS within a second.  This Bulk SMS Service can be used in any enterprise like; a builder can use this Bulk SMS service to announce its new openings or to communicate different kind of information to its customers at different time, Banks are using this Bulk SMS Service to communicate different kind of information directly to their customers, the shopkeeper can use this Bulk SMS service to give information about different offers to the people of his area.  There are many more areas like advertisement, marketing, communication, etc. where this Bulk SMS service can be used according to the requirements.

Now a days, in educational sector this SMS service is getting very much popularity.  School management use this SMS to communicate each and every piece of information about their institute as well as about the child to the parents.  They communicate different kind of information like; school holidays, PTM Notices, child absentees, Daily Home Work Diary, Child’s achievements, school achievements, and any kind of information which they want to share with the parents.  Parents are very happy with this service and encouraging the institutes to continue with this service.

AmpleTrails provide Bulk SMS Excel Plugin with the SMS platform, which can be used for sending bulk SMS using Microsoft Excel.  This Excel Plugin facilitates users to send customized bulk SMS to different users in one click.  It makes message sending a very easy procedure.

Airtel premium route

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1) Send SMS to individuals and groups with just a single click

2) Instant delivery

3) 9AM to 9PM for promotional SMS

4) 24*7 for Transactional SMS

5) 500 to 10000 TPS (smpp user)

6) Get All Reports of the messages sent

7) Messages can be scheduled to be sent later at any time

8) We are providing Sms on Delivery Based

9) 24/7 Support


  • Send Transactional messages with sender id.message2
  • Get your message delivered on DND Registered No.
  • Instant Delivery.
  • Easy UI to send bulk SMS.
  • Govt. approved templates.
  • Fastest, Instant  delivery

Where to use bulk SMS for schools ?

  • Attendance of school students
  • Emergency class cancellation
  • Staff Contact
  • Holiday Update
  • Course Work Deadline
  • Event Reminder
  • Exam Dates
  • Result Declairation
  • Admission Enrollment
  • Fees Reminder
  • Time Table Scheduling/Rescheduling
  • Bus Route Timings
  • School circulars
  • Special announcements
  • Reaching each parents with confidence

For more information contact us at 09034757673, 09034757673 or mail us at in**@am*********.com

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Below are details of the delivery status:

  • D: Delivered
  • E: Expired (Out of coverage area, Switched off, Insufficient Memory, Tower
    station Failure, No routing info available from HLR)
  • C: Cancelled (Absent Subscriber, Memory Capacity Exceeded, Mobile Equipment
    Error, Network Error, Barring, NDNC Failed)
  • P&S: Pending at operator end (out of coverage area, inbox is full, handset
    is switched off,..)

  • N: Cancelled due to DND
  • X: Cancelled due to DND at operator end.
  • U: Failed due to Number Portability issue.

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• Aadhar Enable Biometric
• Access Control Systems
• Lock, Smart Cards & Accessories
• Advance Payroll Software
• Mobile Application
• Employee Tracking
• Third Party Software Integration