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What is buddy punching? How to prevent it? Time theft. Solution

Buddy punching is the most serious problem which happens in an organisation. In buddy punching attendance is marked by a colleague. Buddy punching is done when an employee is late or is not coming in an organisation. Not just the government organisation buddy punching is seen in private organisation as well.

RFID Based Attendance System

Biometric fingerprint + RFID card based time attendance system

Considering a scenario where an employee is doing a buddy punching for for a person who is just 15 minutes late. If the same is done by 15 person in an organisation of 50 people then when we calculate in percentage this will be a big time theft.

Facial Recognition Based Attendance App

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

Buddy punching is a serious concern in in service as well as product based organisations. Due to this and employee is paid for the number of hours person has not worked for. This is a serious concern for any organisation productivity as this is related to the finance of an organisation. Buddy punching should be treated as illegal and an organisation should prepare a strict policy against the buddy punching, as this causes and harm to the organisation productivity.

RFID card based attendance system which were used to mark the attendance is very prone to Buddy punching. Manual registers which were used in many organisations for marking attendance is another way by which fake attendance can be marked.


How to prevent buddy punching?

Mobile attendance app!

Mobile Attendance App Features

Attendance Management System

Face recognition Mobile attendance app with GEO fencing and GEO tagging can be used to capture the attendance of an employee. When the employees time is captured by cloud server on real time basis an accurate attendance will be captured. Not just that time, location can also be captured of an employee. For office employees GEO Fencing option can be used which will allow an employee to mark the attendance when they are present inside the office premises. Geo tagging option can be used, GPS enabled mobile app can be used to track the the live location of employee.

Merits of mobile attendance app!

  • Realtime reports
  • Most accurate attendance
  • No Fake attendance

This is a matter of concern for not for just the big organizations but the small organisations as well.

Biometric devices

Access Control System

Time Attendance System

Use of fingerprint based time attendance machines can help in reducing the buddy punching. They are more secure than RFID attendance system. By the use of fingerprint based time attendance machine you can avoid buddy punching. This can help you in saving a lot of money. In biometric devices fingerprint is used to mark the attendance of an employee.

Merits of biometric devices

  • Accurate attendance
  • Real time report
  • Most secure

Demerits of biometric devices

It required to be installed at every site.
Costly solution when number of employees are one or two per site
Need a internet connectivity

Face recognition time attendance

Face Recognition System Time & Attendance Access Control

Face Recognition System Time & Attendance Access Control

Facial recognition time attendance solution have elimitated the security holes that were present in the traditional biometric devices. This is more secure and much faster then traditional fingerprint based devices.


As understood Buddy Punching is a serious concern for the organisation growth. It is about the time theft which is happening. It is very important to take an immediate action to stop this. An organisation can implement a biometric machine or a face recognition attendance solution for mobile attendance app depending upon their budgets and requirement. For more information and any kind of help please feel free to email us at You can also fill up the following form with your requirement so that one of our representative can connect you and understand your requirements and provide a solution for you.

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