Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector

Features of Metal Detector :

Model of Walk Through Metal Detector available in eSSL.
ESSL- D1065S
ESSL- D1065S-A





  • Detecting zones, sound & LED alarms both the side to show where the metal is
  • Each zone has adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Harmless to human body
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  • Modularization design easy to assembly, maintenance and replacement
  • Password production only the authorized person can operate
  • Program self- diagnostic when power on, no need initial or periodic calibration


Applications of Metal Detector:


  • Airport, station, port, court, and prison
  • Entrance inspection: Exhibition, business event, celebration, stadium, theaters, and clubs
  • Industrial and mining enterprises such as hardware, electronics, and jewelry
  • Banks, hospital, and schools to prevent carrying dangerous metals

Specifications of Walk Through Metal Detector:

  • Power Supply: AC85 V – 264 V
  • Working Temperature: -20 degree C to +50 degree C.
  • Working Frequency: 4KHZ – 8KHZ
  • Standard External size: 2200mm(H)x800mm(W)x580mm(D)
  • Standard Internal size: 2010mm(H)x700mm(W)x500mm(D)
  • Package size for door panels: 2260x650x260mmxlctn
  • Package size for control unit: 780x390x250mmxlctn
  • Gross weight: 70KG


  • Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi-zones.
  • Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 100 sensitivity level.
  • Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator, easily show where the metal is.
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times.
  • Alarm strength indicator on the control panel.
  • 5 digit IN/OUT Traffic Counter.
  • PVC synthetic material waterproof Footers.
  • Password protection, only the authorized person can operate.
  • Easy assembly: designed with only 2 pieces cables and 8 screws, simple-to-follow instruction.
  • Harmless to the human body: is harmless with the heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic loppy, recording tapes, etc.
  • Using high-density fireproof material.
  • Program Self-diagnostic when power on, no need initial or periodic calibration
  • Modularization design, easy for maintenance and replacement.
DFMD Walk Through Metal Detector

DFMD Walk Through Metal Detector






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BasicPower SupplyAC100  V-240V
Working Frequency4KHZ—8KHZ
Working Temperature-20OC to +50OC
Ingress protection DegreeIP54
Standard External size2215mm(H)x820mm(W)x475mm(D)
Standard Internal size1990mm(H)x700mm(W)x475mm(D)
Package size for door panels2270x560x250mmx1ctn
Package size for control unit750x300x240mmx1ctn
Gross weight55KG
Single detection zone
100 adjustable sensitivity  levels
Count statistics of alarms and people
Sound Alarm
Harmless to human body
Excellent anti-interference
Alarm strength indicator
Password protection, only the authorized person can operate
Program Self-diagnosticscrews, simply-to-follow instruction
Password protection
Fireproof material