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Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

We are Pioneer in the Visitor Authentication & Management Systems. We make their next visits easy quick and hassle-free. Get on-premise solutions as well as on the cloud.
A visitor Management System is a computer program that helps in keeping track of Visitors.  Following are the key features of the Visitor Management System.

  • Pass generation
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Visitor movement tracking
  • Visitor Records Management

Visitor E-Pass Generation

visitor check-in kiosk

visitor kiosk app

Visitor management software IndiaPeace of mind for you and everyone who enters your workplace

Problems of Traditional Visitor Management System

#1 Visitor Management Software solution

With the traditional ways of Visitor Management system which is used in the organization, there are problems of long ques of visitors waiting outside the organization.  Their other issue is there are no proper records of the visitors being maintained.  The mobile number authenticity is solely depending upon the discretion of the visitor.  Mobile numbers are not verified.  Searching for visitor information becomes a challenge.  Tracking like time spent in the organization is difficult to monitor and track.  Long queues of visitors are kept waiting outside the organization.

Solutions provided by Visitor Management System

Visitor E-Pass Generation software

The solution to the above-mentioned problems is to use software which can easily track the visitors.  There should be an option for the generation of the computerized pass, host notification on the visitor’s visits, host transfer, alerts and notifications, and much more.  With the use of the latest Visitor Management System, you can capture the photographs of the visitors, sign by using the signature pad, fingerprint registration using the fingerprint registration devices.  Physical Access control using the Access Control Management system.

safe entry visitor management system

Following are the features of the Visitor Management System

  • Alerts and notifications on Visitor Arrival
  • Pre-Registration of the Visitor
  • SMS and Email Notifications
  • Visitor Pass generation and Surrender
  • Visitor List Management
  • Visitor Self-registration using the Mobile app or Visitor Portal

A visitor Management System is required where there is an excess of Ingress and Egress of Visitors such are govt. organizations, schools, factories, universities, colleges, Hotels, banks, hospitals, airports, apartments.

Visitor management system for Schools, organizations, factories.

visitor management system in india

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