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VF 1000

Walkthrough by authenticating Face with Mask

Walkthrough by authenticating Face with Mask

Walkthrough by authenticating Face with Mask


VF1OOO Classic tall design with large screen size & AI-based algorithm. It is imperative to migrate to Touchless Attendance smart device to suit today,s style & need



VF1000 is an elite model of Hanvon’s visible light Face recognition product line. It adopts a deep learning algorithm to enable the super performance of Face recognition which provides a fantastic user experience. Equipped with industrial IPS touch screen allows vast deployment at schools, hospitals, central buildings, offices,s and stores for Access control, Time Attendance



•Modular architecture allows the system to scale up, with user requirement of Organisational Growth
•Single Platform for Mix of both Face & Finger Based Devices, Monitors & control the Network Devices installed across
locations with Rich Data-Centric DashBoard
•Configurable Organisation Unit(OU) Tree Structure with Parent-child relationship for easy Management of
Terminals/Templates/ Viewing of Employees/DashBoard
•White Listing of Attendance Machines installed at site & attaching it with OU such that only whitelisted Machines will
communicate with the Server to Post the Attendance/Template Data & receive Commands from Server
•White Listing of Employees on machines such that only whitelisted Machines or employees may be selected & enrolled from
the machine installed at the site
•Easy Employee transfer from One Organisation Unit(OU) to another OU with auto template transfer among Devices
•Centralised Management of Admin & Super Admin rights for Machines such that machines at remote sites may be operated
by defined Face Logins
•Card Number Change Management from the Application in case of Employee losing the ID card
•Auto Template Push to Server DB, directly from Machine. Centralized repository stores the Transaction Data & Face/Finger
•Auto Template Download/Distribution to User Definable Group of Terminals or to devices shared under One Organisational
Unit or group of Organisational Units.
•Face/Finger Templates may be managed (Add/Delete), on-demand,
•Attendance Data Push to Server from all Terminals simultaneously with Data Processing & Posting in Online Mode
•New Device replacement(in case of fault of the existing device) on the Application, such that the Templates transfer to new
(replaced) the device, as per the configuration of the old device, happen automatically, as a backend process
•Attendance Data Pane with Actual Captured Pic from Face Terminals/Profile Picture/Selfie Picture with Location from Mobile
App with Date/Time
•Dash Board for showing the status of Terminals(Live/Sleep/Dead), Face Enrollment/Not enrolled Count, Access denied face
data, Validity Over/to be over Status for Contract based need, Running attendance chart and attendance pane in the dashboard
•Validity Date based de-activation or logic-based de-activation or XLS Import or WebAPI Calling based deactivation/
deletion/termination of an employee may be done


Web-based Portal and Attendance Management Software for Employee-Self-Service (ESS) & Admin functions with “all@one
place”.License to use the application for 3 years based on the renewal of AMC after the expiry of a 1-year warranty.
ESS features as Admin and Super User. Useful for Users/Dept. Heads/HR (defined as Admin or Super User in Time Pro Enterprise) to Login &
check/Post some indispensable attendance related functionalities such as:
• Shift Reallocation
• Gate Pass Entry
•Manual Attendance
• Viewing of Leave application of Employees & Leave Approval
• Tour /site apply for Employees
• Attendance & Leave Details
• Auto emailing of scheduled reports(E-report) to Admin / Superusers (HODs) at specific Time of Day on Daily, week End or Month End
basis.Monthly continuous Absent/Late by the definable number of days with user email alert.
• Get the previous 30 days’ attendance in descending wise
• Leave apply /• Leave application status/ • Leave balance


VF1000 : AI-based 7” Face Attendance & Access control Terminal with Mask with the following features:

  • · 7 Inch Resolution 1200*800 with Full screen Touch Screen Interface with Mask detection
  • · User Capacity : Standard 10,000 Face (1:N), upgradable to 25,000 Face (1:N)
  • · Speed : Less than 0.3 Second, Accuracy : >99%
  • · Lighting compatible : 0.1 Lux ~ 30,000 Lux
  • · Working Distance : 0.3 – 2 meter
  • · Record Capacity : 80,000, Security Photo : 80,000
  • · Authentication : Face, ID+Pin Optional : Card+Face, Card/Face
  • · Mask Detection : Yes
  • · Attendance : Interval, Work Status, Work Code
  • · Sensor : Dual Camera with 1080P/30fps
  • · Storage : EMMC FLASH 8Gbytes, 16GB TF
  • · Interface : Built in Wifi, LAN port, TCP/IP, USB, RS485, Weigand Output, Relay
  • · Additional Add-on Modules for Temperature Sensor(Body Temperature detection & Logging) & Card Reader option
  • · Power : DC 12V 1.5A
  • · Dimension : 116*25*222 mm