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UIDAI Authenticated Biometric Device

UIDAI Authenticated Biometric Device
Syncbyte MC01A is an ergonomic USB fingerprint reader, equipped with an ultra-slim optical sensor. it features advanced! fingerprint sensor technology and high-performance image
processing speed with 500 dpi resolution. MC01A is officially tested in full compliance and received Level 0 certification for both Windows and Android platforms from STQC (Standardization, Testing, and Quality Certification) of the Indian Government, which provides a high-security level to support nationwide UiD/Aadhaar projects in India.

UIDAI Authenticated Biometric Device

UIDAI Authenticated Biometric Device

Specifications of UIDAI Authenticated Biometric Device

  • Fingerprint Sensor Optical Sensor
  • Image Resolution 500 dpi
  • Image Capture Speed < 0.1 second
  • Scan Area 14 mm x 18 mm
  • Image Size 252 x 330, 82 kB
  • Template Size 2 kB
  • Image Format ISO 19794-4; ANSi-378 Template Format ISO 19794-2; ANSi-378 ESD Resistance Air 8kV, contact 4kV Operating Temperature -10”C- 50DC
  • Dimensions 82.3 mm x 42.2 mm x 20.0 mm
  • Weight 70 g
  • Cable Length 1 m
  • Certification STQC Level 0

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