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Two doors access controller Spectra TwinXs 3S

Two doors access controller Spectra
 TwinXs 3S 

Spectra’s TwinXs 3S is an access control panel that supports two doors and four access readers. In addition to giving support to global anti pass back the controller supports a number of rule-based features. It can be easily configured either as a standalone or Master or as a Slave. Its high speed processor can facilitate decisions of access in just milliseconds.

Two doors access controller

Two doors access controller

It has field pluggable connectors which allows it to wire and terminate with ease. It is a reliable product which ensures unfailing power supply, as all of its reader ports are current-sufficient even during times of breakdown or malfunction. It can facilitate on field diagnostics and comes with a LCD display. Its settings helps to program the controller, without the need to attach to its host computer.

TwinXs Two Door / Four Reader Controller

Spectra Product Selection Guide


Key Features

2 Door/4 Reader

32 BIT, 200 MHz

Data Flash



Wiegand Interface

Programmable I/O’s

Built In 10/100 MBPS

CAN RS232/
RS485 Ports

Supports HTTP, FTP,

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