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Two Door Controller Fingerprint Inbio 260 eSSL

Inbio 260 is a two Door Controller which support Fingerprint from eSSL. 2 DOOR CONTROLLER Inbio 260 eSSL support 4 readers 2 locks. We also have 4 door controller access control system.

InBio 260 Controller

InBio 260 Controller

Multi-Door Controller

Two Door Multi-Door Access Control System. Type of System: RFID Access Control System Fingerprint Access Control System.

  • Card Capacity : 30,000 | Fingerprint Capacity : 3,000 (20,000 Optional)
  • Log Events Capacity : 1,00,000 | Available : 1 Door , 2 Door
  • Communication : RS485, TCP/IP, WiFi Optional
  • Numbers of readers supported : 12(8 RS-485 Reader, 4 wiegand reader)
  • Types of readers supported : 26-bit Wiegand (others upon request) , RS- 485
  • Number of Inputs : 12 (4 Exit Device, 4 Door Status, 4 AUX)
  • Number of Outputs : 8 (4-From C Relay for Lock and 4-From C Relay for Aux Output)

essl 2 door controller

 Features of Two Door Fingerprint Controller Inbio 260 eSSL 
2 Door Controller by eSSL Inbio 260 Pro

2 Door Controller by eSSL Inbio 260 Pro

  • 256 time Zones, 256 access levels
  • Anti-passback function, Interlock function, Linkage function, Multi-Card Opening function
  • Remote door opening and closing
  • 4 auxiliary inputs can be connected to infrared body detectors, Fire Panel/smoke detectors, etc.
  • 4 auxiliary outputs can be connected to alarms/siron, Light indicator, door bells, etc.
  • Data is preserved if power is lost, Controller continues to operate if data connection is interrupted
  • Alarms and Events Notications through Email using Web Application
  • Supports Video Integration & Visitor Management Module using Web Application
  • Embedded Fingerprint verification and advanced access control function
  • It can be installed easily on your network also support TCP/IP and RS485 communication
  • 1/2/4 Door models can be mixed and matched in an optimized System Architecture
  • Data is preserved if power is lost, Controller continues to operate if the data connection is interrupted Anti-Passback, Interlock,First-Card Opening, Multi-Card Opening
  • Duress Password Entry and Auxilary Input/output linkages are inbuilt into controller firmware

Software Download for ESSL Inbio 260 Controller

ESSL Inbio 160 Single Door Fingerprint Access Control System

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