Server for Web Application

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Server for web application.  How to choose?

Having a low loading time of your application gives a better experience to your user.  This will also whelp in better SEO of your website.  As the content is the kind and fast server and low latency result in more number of users.

There are couple of things that you need to consider while choosing server for your web application which are broadly as following.

Server for Web Application

Server for Web Application


CPU Cycles:  Always check for the type of CPU and amount of share you are getting if you are considering for Virtual Private Server VPS.  In linux you can get to know about this from following command

cat /proc/cpuinfo

RAM: RAM plays a very important role in the performance of your application.  The more the RAM is better will be the user experience. On UNIX machine you can check this by following command.

free -m

Bandwidth: Don’t just check for the total amount of bandwidth or transfer for a month but also check for the speed of the network.  At what data rate data transfer happens.  The more will be better.

wget -O /dev/null

Location of Server:  This is very important where your server is located.  Its true that data transfer happen with the speed of light, but more number of hopes and router always add up latency and will result in a delay.  So, before making a choice always look for where your target audience is from and choose the location which is very near to your customer.   If you buy a far end server then it may result in loose of your customers.  That is the reason why most of the company have servers located all over the world.

Disk I/O rate:  What is the read and write speed of the hard disk which store data.   What kind of hardware is used to store your data.  Don’t just go for unlimited hard disk buy also check for the type of hard disk and its I/O speed.

We at Ampletrails take care of all the above and many more points while choosing the server for hosting Learning Management System so that our clients will get best user experience.  These points help us in improving the performance of the Learning Management System and giving better user experience to our customers, teachers and learners.  If you wish to try our Learning Management System please do contact us at

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Education Sector in India

Education Sector in India

At present, the size of the education sector is pegged at $25 billion, says an Assocham study. With the increase in middle class income and Government expenditure the education sector may double to $50 billion by 2015. A few years ago, the domestic markets in India were just too small to enable the creation of a meaningfully sized company specially catering the need of the Education Industry. In recent times we have seen many end-user services offer opportunities in various markets to build global standard education companies. These markets include information on various courses and admission criteria, career counselling, Education Fairs, ratings for colleges, E.R.P and other technology support to colleges, schools and the Industry etc. The intersection of the mobile, Internet and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) explosion with the emergence of these end-user services has created many exciting new opportunities.
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How to learn anything

How to learn anything

How to learn anything

Have you ever face a situation when you read a chapter when you tried to recall it you were not able to reproduce even a single point. The problem might be that the method of learning you are using is one of the least efficient ways of learning.

Everyone is different from each other. There is not a single way of learning which is helpful for everyone to learn anything. But we have to find the way which suits us and is very efficient for us to learn. May be it doesn’t suit to our friend but that single way can suit to us and we can learn anything very easily by that way of learning.

Recognize the suitable way-

According to the psychologists, some people find that dictating a topic to someone else is the best way of learning. They say that during their degree or schooling they used to dictate some topics to their friends who did not attend the lectures. And at the exams time they found that recall of those dictated topics much easier in comparison of those topics which were not dictated. They find it easy to recall those topics even after a long period.

One of my friends has always been topper of his class even he never gives much time to his study except the class lectures. He is such a brilliant guy. After asking the way he uses to be on top always, he told that he gives full attention to the teacher’s words and makes his own notes on the same time while receiving the lecture. After that he reads that notes at the exams time and that time he can recall the topics without any efforts because he made these notes by himself. So, making the notes is the easiest way of learning for him.

Different ways of learning-

There are many easy and different ways of learning which can be suitable person to person. Some of them are-

  • Dictate the topic– Although receiving the lecture is least effective way of learning, dictating the topic or giving the lecture is one of the most effective way of learning what you are being told. You can dictate your topics to your friends who were not present there at the time of lecture or you can stand in front of the mirror and can deliver a lecture to yourself.
  • Make your notes– When you attend the class just give attention to the lectures and try to make the notes yourself. When you write on a topic that matter automatically enters in your long term memory which latter helps you to recall it without any effort.
  • Revise the topic– After receiving the lecture try to revise the lecture or what you heard from the lecture. The psychologists believe that revising anything forward it from short term memory to long term memory. If it’s possible try to revise the entire stuff, which you learned in the week days, on the weekend. Revising the matter weekly makes its learning strong and you will never forget it.
  • Write Articles– If you have any blog or a website try to spend some time on writing an article on the topic which learn in the day. By writing the article you will prepare your notes as well as you will be able to provide the stuff to your blogs or website. At the same time if ever you need to revise the topic you just need to click on your blog or website and can easily revise it.
  • Discuss the topic– Making a discussion on the topic with your social circle is one of the easiest ways that you have available for learning anything. Wherever you get a chance, bring a topic you would like to discuss and share your wealth of knowledge as well as listen the experience of the others on that topic. The more you can discuss a topic the better your ability will be to learn it and to recall it in the future. Moreover, there are many ways you can discuss any topic like: forum, twitter, or any social networks.
  • Relate the topic– Whenever you try to learn anything; try to relate it with something you are familiar with. You can relate it with any story or any funny experience of your life. The psychologists have proven that a thing which has been learnt by relating with any situation of one’s own life lasts long than the thing learnt by simple way.
  • Imagine yourself in the situation– To learn a thing, try to create a situation related to the topic and imagine yourself in that situation. Imagine your friends or other family members in place of other characters of your situation. This will give you a personal interest in the topic. And one can learn the personal experiences more easily and can recall it at any time in his/her whole life.

As most of the things in life, this is not applied to every single person at every single time. As stated above, some have high rate of success by dictating a topic or some can learn better by making their own notes while for some it may not work as successfully. But by working on these find out which deemed to be the efficient way of learning and try the one which works best for you. If you find the best for you, you can learn anything very easily by applying it.

So, when you are going to start working on these to find the best way of learning for you?

We also provide platform for online learning.  i.e. Learning Management System.

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E-Learning Software India

E-LearningE-Learning Software India

Is there a need of E-Learning software?   People in India have realized the need of E-Learning software.  With the demand of acquiring knowledge increasing day by day its very important to have E-Learning system implemented in India.  India is a developing country, its quite challenging to find the right teacher available for each subject or to say subject matter expert available.  Here the need of online learning arises.

There are companies in India who are providing ready to use content which are targeted to specific market.  These are generally animated videos removing the touch given by the teacher.  These content are sold on the mass bases to reduce the price to the customer but then again hampering the competitive need of the customer.  The neighbor institute can also buy the same canned content.  Some of the smart institutes in India opt of E-Learning software.   They use Learning Management System in there Institute and get the course content prepared from there own staff members or from the guest faculty.   The best of the world is sourced to provide best to the students.  Since an E-Learning software is used so every thing is preserved with the customer.  The knowledge base created can be used years after years to impart knowledge.


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Features of a Learning Management System (LMS)

Features of a Learning Management System (LMS)

Today’s generation wants to learn new things, but they are very busy. Today’s busy learners can profit by a good Learning Management System.

A Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation and tracking of these online learning/training programs.

Choosing from among the many learning Management System among the market requires full knowledge of the available features:

Features for Administrator

  • Customized user data –User data must be customizable.
  • User data import–Import of complete user data saves time.
  • Different roles for users –Administrator must be able to assign different roles to the users such as; student, teacher, librarian, parent, etc.
  • Self-registration — Self-registration for users saves time and money.
  • Manual-registration— Manual-registration by administrators gives the opportunity to keep up enrollment processes.
  • User status — Administrator must be able to set the user status as active/inactive/suspended.
  • Unique username and password — Unique username and password for each user removes the possibilities of mistakes.
  • Availability of multiple courses— By providing several courses one can provide single platform for learning to the students.
  • Course creation— A wide variety of courses (according to the department, subjects and categories/subcategories) may be created.
  • Course management— Such as venues, sessions must be easy to manage.
  • Inventory management— This module facilitates decision regarding inventory.
  • Multiple sections–The potential for expanded enrollment is provided by multiple sections.
  • Record of facilities — Record of facilities is maintained to help in arranging the logistical factors like conference room, video lecture room, etc.
  • Student reports–Student reports can be instantly generated.
  • Payment/financial record–Easy reach to financial records can be quickly and economically accessed with a graph of progress.
  • Easy user search–One click search option provides profile of any user.
  • No extra plug-in required –No need to install any hardware or software for starting online teaching.
  • Other value-addition tools–Examples are printing and exporting work.

Features for Instructor

  • Virtual teaching – Instructor Can provide the services from their home or from anywhere at any time.
  • Create course – It makes the instructor independent and reduce the work load of the administrator.
  • Different actions against the course request – Instructor must be able to accept or reject the course request of the student which/to eliminate the overfilled classes.
  • Waiting list facility –Instruct can hold the student’s requests in waiting list and can allow the student to join the courses latter which eliminates the low student strength.
  • Response to the students’ request–whatever action does an instructor takes against the course request of any student, its notification must send to the student.
  • Customized Course material – Learning becomes easy with customized course material like videos, audios, pictures, presentations, pdf, documents, etc.
  • Class notes–Instructor’s class notes are the best study material for the learners.
  • Management of a course – A course can be managed easily if the instructor has the facility to create different units or chapters for a single course.
  • Exam creation – Exams help to assess the student’s progress level.
  • Criteria for exams – Different passing requirements for the exams of different difficulty level.
  • Students’ scores –Quick view on individual student’s scores for specific course provides the scan copy of student’s progress report.
  • Customizable management — Providing a single course at different time and on different day gives opportunity to enroll more students.
  • One click attendance–Quick and easy way of attendance saves time.
  • Student attendance record – A quick way to check the student’s regularity.
  • Flexibility – Instructor must be able to teach any number of courses.
  • Multiple schedules–A course can be taught by any number of instructors at different time schedule.
  • Forum – Engagement in live, real time discussion forums with learners promotes social networking, idea generation, and user interaction.
  • Easy search options–Easy and quick search options make job easy and quick.

Features for learner

  • Self registration–Easy and self registration saves time of both learners as well as of administrator.
  • Virtual learning –Learner can join courses directly from their home or from anywhere in the world.
  • Course list – Any time availability of courses list helps to select and to apply for any course.
  • Course details –Complete details of each course like name, description, subjects, notes, schedule, venue, instructor helps to find the best suitable course to the learner.
  • Sign up for any course–Easy and independent apply for any course or for any instructor gives freedom of learning.
  • Can apply for multiple courses — Ability to apply for multiple courses of a trainer or of the different trainers gives a way to learn different experiences.
  • Customized course material — Availability of course material in different forms allows a learner to learn on his/her own pace. Availability of instructors’ personal notes gives feeling of instructor’s personal involvement.
  • Request’s response from the instructors — Learner must get a notification about the instructor’s response against the student’s course request.
  • Online examination–This saves time and gives an opportunity of self assessment.
  • On the spot evaluation–To know the exam result on the spot helps to find out the loop holes.
  • Advance Search options–Easy and quick search of course by popular key words makes it easy to search any course from a long list of courses.
  • Notes writing –Provides a platform for writing notes.

Common features

  • Can get access to their account from anywhere in the world.
  • No need to install any hardware or software.
  • Live, real-time forum discussion.
  • Calendar to be up to date.
  • To dos list works as reminder.
  • Integrated Wiki shares views and gives an opportunity to express one’s ideas, feelings, etc.
  • Customization makes everything easy and less time consuming.

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E-Learning for Training

E-Learning for TrainingE-Learning plays an important role in training. Learning knows no boundaries. A man has to learn at every step of his life. Learning is expected for a new job as well as for a job which we have done for a long time or which we are doing. Every job requires some special skills; maybe it’s a job of a driver or a job of a technician. Similar job in different places has different job profile with different working conditions. Here one has to do different duties and have to adopt different work culture and conditions. So the need of learning arouses. There is a great revolution in technology. Every day a new technology is emerging. If an industry wants to sustain in the market it has to adopt these new technologies. If a company adopts something new, all of its employees need to be educated about these new technologies. Here ones again the need of learning arouses. There are many situations where some changes occur in existing working process. These changes need some knowledge to do the work properly. This generates the condition for learning. For these conditions companies give training to the employees. Companies need to give training in three conditions

  • When it hires a new employee.
  • When it adopts a new technology.
  • When there is any change in the existing working process.

These training programs cost very high to the companies. Apart from the money they consumes much time of the employees which interrupts the daily schedule of the employees. There are cases when as the training completes and employee has to leave his/her job and then need for training arouse again.
To be safe from all these situations, companies are now moving towards E-Learning where companies have no need to hire a trainer again and again for the same job. They have no need to schedule training period for each employee. Nobody’s work gets affected due to the training.
E-Learning is an emerging term in the field of education. This is internet based learning. It comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. E-Learning has spread its wing in almost all the sectors and for the training purposes many companies has adopted it.
There are many benefits of providing training through E-Learning-

  • Save time.
  • Less expensive.
  • Any time availability of trainers.
  • Virtual training
  • Employee can join program according to the availability of time.
  • Employee can recall it even after the training period.
  • Employee’s work schedule doesn’t get affected.

Save Time

Administration has to set a schedule for the training by its traditional way. Administrator has to spend his/her precious time for this schedule planning. Trainees have to spare some time for training. In other words, traditional way of training consumes much more time of administrator as well as of employees. As there is no need of scheduling if we adopt e-learning programs and employees have no need to spare the time for training, it save the time.

Less expensive
Manual training cost very high. Company has to pay to trainers and some time they need some assistant. So company pays accordingly and it needs to pay this amount for every time when the training occurs. E-learning is the best solution of this.  As one can upload training program in any form like videos, audio, pictures, notes, presentation, etc. E-learning removes the need of trainer. Trainees can learn from the uploaded material without any trainer. By this way company save its hard-earned money.

Any time availability of trainers
Company has to run its training program according to the time schedule of the trainers. As e-learning makes trainer dispensable, company can run the training program according to its own.

Virtual Training
If a company has many branches at different places they have to schedule same training program for each branch and has to pay for each. E-learning covers this drawback and provides a place where company can upload its training program which can be access by any employee of any branch who has the login/password. Thus same training program can take place at any part of the world.

Employee can join program according to the availability of time
Traditional training goes on according to the scheduled timings and trainee has to spare that time for training but e-learning overcomes this problem and gives the freedom to the trainee to join the training program according to the availability of time. When s/he gets free time or completer their work they can join the program.

Employee can recall it even after the training period
In the traditional way of training, after completion of the training session there is no way to recall the practice. E-Learning gives any time availability to the employee so when s/he needs to recall any section of the training s/he can go for it.

Employee’s work schedule doesn’t get affected
As we know for the training via traditional way trainee has to left his/her daily work, this shuffles the work schedule of the trainee.  As the work of an employee connects to the work of other employee, delay in the work of trainee affects the chain of production. But if training is provided by e-learning, trainee has no need to compromise his/her work because there is no schedule for the training and trainee can learn when s/he wants.
These are the reasons why companies are turning towards E-Learning instead of the manual training and show the importance of E-Learning.

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Learn! Learn! Learn! Never Stop!

“Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long Learn! Learn! Learn! Never Stop!as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” – Henry L. Doherty

Learning knows no age barrier. If a person wants to learn s/he can learn at any stage of life. Today’s generation likes learning. They don’t like to sit idle. Even they don’t want their parents to sit at home and just doing house hold works.

One day I visited to my friend’s house. She was busy with her kids. Her daughter has French language as an extra subject and my friend was very upset because her daughter needed some help related to that subject and my friend did not know anything about that. I told her to learn French language. She replied that she wants to learn but there is no coaching center in her city where coaching for French language is available.

This problem is not of my friend only. There are many women and lots of people who want to learn many thing but they have to face distance constrains. They want to sharpen their skills under the guidance of an expert but because they have no facilities near about they have to be disappointed.

So, for how long it should be go like this, how can we change the situation for those who wants to learn?

The only solution of this problem is E-Learning. E-learning comprises all form of electronically supported learning and teaching. Anyone can teach from anywhere and anyone can learn anything from anywhere. E-learning is the solution for those who face distance as a barrier in their path of learning.

Different coaching centers, teaching institutes, educational institutes can give online learning facilities. This will cut their workload and will give a way to those who wants to learn from home or to those who has no spare time to go for coaching centers.

Learning Management System is the best tool for providing E-Learning. With a LMS a person/institute can give its services worldwide and LMS can make their work easier. LMS has different features and modules according to the needs and requirements of a person. It is available in a bundle of features or even single-single modules are also available. One can choose according to need.

Here we can see what all features does a whole package of LMS has-

  • Student’s record keeping
  • A place for recording staff/faculty data.
  • Easy registration.
  • Course creation.
  • Managing course schedule.
  • Document upload.
  • Video/Audio uploading.
  • Pictures or any kind of document uploading.
  • Notes making facility.
  • Online exams.
  • Live video chat.
  • Facility to apply for more than one course.
  • Complete hold of teacher to manage course requests.

Apart from these features there can be some more features/modules with a LMS-

  • Library Management Module.
  • Inventory Management Module.
  • Account Management Module.
  • Online Attendance facility.

So, LMS has removed the barrier of distance and now a person can learn anything from his/her home and can continue their learning from anywhere. Now, there is only one step which has to be taken by educational institutes that is adopting the new technology of LMS.

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Providing Distance Education is Easy with Learning Management System

Providing Distance education is very easy with the use of Learning Management System.  Everybody wants to become successful.  Success has some requirements.  But now a Providing Distance Education is Easy with Learning Management System day’s these requirements have been changed.  Earlier, the person who learned one subject and got the perfection in that subject got the success.  But now success has no limitation.  If you learn a subject and got the perfection in that subject you need to go ahead for learning the new subject.  Learning of many subjects or fields by regular classes is not possible so people prefer joining distance education.

Now a day’s, the demand of distance education is increasing at very fast rate.  Students like to get a degree through distance education because they can do their job with their studies if they join distance education.  So there are great rush at distance learning centers and directors of distance education centers have to put lots of efforts for student management, providing course material, managing classes, etc.

Way of education has been changed.  Gone are the days when lecturers gave their same lecture for 6-8 times in a day or offer their hand written notes to the students by printing the Xerox copy of some piece of papers.  Now E-Learning or blended Learning has replaced the traditional way of learning.

E-Learning is an advance way of learning. Someone has written correctly

“Within five years, there will be lots of blended models such as students going to school two days a week, and working at home three days a week.”

This statement describes the effect of e-learning. E-learning is a great tool in the hands of directors of distance education centers.  They have to offer course material to each student by courier or anyhow, they have to manage lots of data base, they have to schedule different batches according to the requirements of the students.  Sometime they have to arrange a special class for a single student.  Single solution of all these problems of distance learning center is E-Learning.

How E-learning is useful for distance learning centers

  • Easy management of student data
  • One time uploading of course material makes it easy to offer study material to every student.
  • No need of special classes.
  • No schedule clash.
  • Student can apply for different courses.
  • One click information about faculty’s schedule.
  • Customize study material.
  • Easy to watch students’ performance level.

How E-learning is useful for students

  • Any time availability of course material.
  • Customized study material.
  • No need to remember class schedule.
  • No need to go regular for attending classes.
  • Can apply for many courses at a single time.
  • Can do studies with their jobs.
  • No space for hesitation to ask any query.

So, providing online classes is beneficial not only for teacher but for students also. It makes administration process easy and less time-consuming and cut the chance of any mistake. It helps the teachers to offer their services at any time to anybody from any part of the world. Any student who faces time or distance problems can easily apply for your courses if you are providing online classes.

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How to reduce Training Cost?

Reduce Training Cost: Training is necessary in almost every field. You can take any sector you want, it may be educational sector or IT sector, you can consider medical sector or look at any business sector, training is required for every sector. Training is costly to develop and to deliver and it contributes a large part of the total cost of the business.

Before considering the ways to cut the training cost, first we should consider the different How to reduce Training Costcategories of the training costs. It includes

  • The Trainer
  • Facilities
  • Cost of traveling
  • Training Environment Cost
  • Material Developing Cost
  • Material Maintenance Cost
  • Evaluation Cost

All these are required for the training. We can’t eliminate anything to cut the cost of training. So we can go with a product which

  • Increase ease of learning
  • Increase success rate and cut error rate
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase management of users
  • Is easy to use and understand
  • And cut the cost of learning/training

So, here we have the solution of this problem of training cost! We have an amazing software product…..the product which will give the full value to our customers…..You can continue to increase productivity by keeping training while it will cost you low in comparison to the past.

Online Training is the best solution of this problem. Learning Management System (LMS) is the best tool used to give and to manage online training. It has many features which are helpful to manage users. It saves time as well as money also.

How it reduces the cost of training

Here we have a table comparing the different costs of the each method of training (The Traditional Way of Training and Online Training)-



CostTraditional Way of TrainingOnline Training
TrainerYesOne Time
FacilitiesEvery TimeOne Time
Cost of TravelingYesNo
Training Environment CostYesMay Be
Material Developing CostYesNo
Material Maintenance CostYesNo
Evaluation CostYesNo


How Online Training can help?

  • If you give Online Training you can make videos and audio of training session and can give this material to the trainees. This will cut the cost of trainer.
  • As the session can be recorded and no more facilities will be required.
  • Trainee can learn from anywhere, so no more need to travel.
  • By Online Training one can’t create the training environment but in many cases where training environment is not so much important, it works perfectly.
  • In Online Training you don’t need any hard copy of training material. The recorded videos and audio work as the training material. Apart from this, if one likes to give any other notes or documents, they can upload it without paying any extra penny.
  • There is no extra maintenance cost in providing training Online.
  • One of the great features of the LMS is that you can check the performance of the trainee and it doesn’t costs anything.

Contact us to know more about how and how much we can cut your training cost without affecting the quality of your training session.

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Blended learning advantages over the classroom model

Blended Learning also known as “integrative learning”, “hybrid learning”, “multi-method Blended learning advantages over the classroom modellearning” refers to a mixing of different learning environments. The online learning has substantial advantages over the classroom model:

  • The course material is maintained online and is easily accessible for editing.
  • Students can learn at their own pace and comfort level.
  • Students can communicate with the teachers without interference of peer pressure
  • They can do group activities and collaborate on group assignments.
  • Flexibility of content delivery for teachers is very high.

Advantages of Blended Learning

  • Customized course martial can be designed.
  • Improvement in student interaction and learning.
  • Keep student on track even when class is missed.
  • Increase the student pace of learning.
  • Improvement in the Learning.

Blended Learning model requires next generation tools that can help in designing the course material. It’s preferred to have a hosted mode of E-Learning as student can get access to the class even when class is missed. With blended learning styles, interests, and abilities of the student can be observed and corrective measures can be taken to improve the course material. Educators would be able to work with student closely and would be able to check his performance.

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