Steps create online exams moodle

Steps Create Online Exams Moodle

Moodle is known as the best open source Learning Management System LMS. It can be used for conducting online examinations. Below is the presentation describing the steps for uploading examination in moodle. There can be several different ways for uploading examination in moodle. Below is one of the easy to use way for uploading examination in moodle. With these steps word file can directly be uploaded into moodle by converting it into xml file. This XML file can directly be imported into Moodle.

Steps To Create Online Exam In Moodle

Moodle provide the best reporting for the online examination. It provides lots of flexibility and options. One can set the date and time of the examination. It also allows the restriction of time duration for which a student can attempt an examination. One can set a particular date and time at which the exam will start and on the similar ground one can also set the end date and time for the examination.

It also provides the option to review the examination and teacher can allow the student to further review the questions. Student can also skip the questions and can come back again to attempt it.

Steps create online exams moodle

Steps create online exams moodle

Online examination can be used by Schools, Universities, Training Institutes for conducting online evaluation of the students. Blended or hybrid mode of learning can be used for imparting online and class room learning. Online examination system of Moodle can be used for conducting the examination and to find out how the student is performing. This is also helpful for the training providers and teachers to know which module students are lacking and in which they are out performing.

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Moodle Quiz
Moodle Quiz Review Option

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Training Management System (TMS)

Training Management SystemTraining Management System was around or before Learning Management System.  TMS helps in managing and automating all the traditional training activities.  It maintain the catalog of all the training courses, time, training resources.  It allow managers to book resources like projectors, training room for a particular date and time.  Learners can register for the course with a code given to them by their manager.  TMS focus on providing face to face training rather then online learning as is done by LMS.  Behind the scene TMS uses the code to charge the cost of the course.

Learning Management System has an added the functionality of online learning as compared with the TMS.

Read our post on How to reduce Training Cost.
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Learn! Learn! Learn! Never Stop!

“Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long Learn! Learn! Learn! Never Stop!as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” – Henry L. Doherty

Learning knows no age barrier. If a person wants to learn s/he can learn at any stage of life. Today’s generation likes learning. They don’t like to sit idle. Even they don’t want their parents to sit at home and just doing house hold works.

One day I visited to my friend’s house. She was busy with her kids. Her daughter has French language as an extra subject and my friend was very upset because her daughter needed some help related to that subject and my friend did not know anything about that. I told her to learn French language. She replied that she wants to learn but there is no coaching center in her city where coaching for French language is available.

This problem is not of my friend only. There are many women and lots of people who want to learn many thing but they have to face distance constrains. They want to sharpen their skills under the guidance of an expert but because they have no facilities near about they have to be disappointed.

So, for how long it should be go like this, how can we change the situation for those who wants to learn?

The only solution of this problem is E-Learning. E-learning comprises all form of electronically supported learning and teaching. Anyone can teach from anywhere and anyone can learn anything from anywhere. E-learning is the solution for those who face distance as a barrier in their path of learning.

Different coaching centers, teaching institutes, educational institutes can give online learning facilities. This will cut their workload and will give a way to those who wants to learn from home or to those who has no spare time to go for coaching centers.

Learning Management System is the best tool for providing E-Learning. With a LMS a person/institute can give its services worldwide and LMS can make their work easier. LMS has different features and modules according to the needs and requirements of a person. It is available in a bundle of features or even single-single modules are also available. One can choose according to need.

Here we can see what all features does a whole package of LMS has-

  • Student’s record keeping
  • A place for recording staff/faculty data.
  • Easy registration.
  • Course creation.
  • Managing course schedule.
  • Document upload.
  • Video/Audio uploading.
  • Pictures or any kind of document uploading.
  • Notes making facility.
  • Online exams.
  • Live video chat.
  • Facility to apply for more than one course.
  • Complete hold of teacher to manage course requests.

Apart from these features there can be some more features/modules with a LMS-

  • Library Management Module.
  • Inventory Management Module.
  • Account Management Module.
  • Online Attendance facility.

So, LMS has removed the barrier of distance and now a person can learn anything from his/her home and can continue their learning from anywhere. Now, there is only one step which has to be taken by educational institutes that is adopting the new technology of LMS.

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E-Learning best solution to productivity problem

E-Learning-Become the best performer

e-learningE-Learning is the best solution to most of the low productivity problems that are caused due to lack of knowledge.  The people who know about the topic doesn’t have ample of time at their disposal to train each and every employee of the organization. Do or die is what organizations are looking for.  For doing things on a need to acquire right set of knowledge.

E-Learning best solution to productivity problem

E-Learning best solution to productivity problem

Solution to such problems is E-Learning or say online learning where the person can create an online content in the form of videos, can explain and create documents presentations and can share with their colleagues.  The whole thing like creating of course material and delivering it accessed controlled can be done using Learning Management System so-called LMS.  Where the administrator can decide who has access to what.
E-Learning-Become the best performer

E-Learning-Become the best performer

Working employees need to acquire a new skill, need to upgrade with the technology to be more productive and beneficial for the company.  The productivity can be increased by acquiring new skills, knowledge.  For that, an employee needs a flexible solution that can work according to him, a tutor who can go with the employee where an employee goes.  Employee wants to have access to the tutor 24*7 according to his convenience.  They want to a system that can be stopped, rewind, played any number of times according to the convenience.

Learning Management System

We at AmpleTrails provide Learning Management System which can be used to impart training.  Our cloud-based Learning Management System help in improving the productivity of the employee and help in the organizational growth.  In our post we have mentioned what features to look for while purchasing Learning Management System.  People can create courses and can share content in any form it can be a text document, video, presentation, notes.  They can do the online evaluation by giving Multiple Choice Questions.  For a free demo and to know more information about the product please email us at or contact us by other means.

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How to reduce Training Cost?

Reduce Training Cost: Training is necessary in almost every field. You can take any sector you want, it may be educational sector or IT sector, you can consider medical sector or look at any business sector, training is required for every sector. Training is costly to develop and to deliver and it contributes a large part of the total cost of the business.

Before considering the ways to cut the training cost, first we should consider the different How to reduce Training Costcategories of the training costs. It includes

  • The Trainer
  • Facilities
  • Cost of traveling
  • Training Environment Cost
  • Material Developing Cost
  • Material Maintenance Cost
  • Evaluation Cost

All these are required for the training. We can’t eliminate anything to cut the cost of training. So we can go with a product which

  • Increase ease of learning
  • Increase success rate and cut error rate
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase management of users
  • Is easy to use and understand
  • And cut the cost of learning/training

So, here we have the solution of this problem of training cost! We have an amazing software product…..the product which will give the full value to our customers…..You can continue to increase productivity by keeping training while it will cost you low in comparison to the past.

Online Training is the best solution of this problem. Learning Management System (LMS) is the best tool used to give and to manage online training. It has many features which are helpful to manage users. It saves time as well as money also.

How it reduces the cost of training

Here we have a table comparing the different costs of the each method of training (The Traditional Way of Training and Online Training)-



CostTraditional Way of TrainingOnline Training
TrainerYesOne Time
FacilitiesEvery TimeOne Time
Cost of TravelingYesNo
Training Environment CostYesMay Be
Material Developing CostYesNo
Material Maintenance CostYesNo
Evaluation CostYesNo


How Online Training can help?

  • If you give Online Training you can make videos and audio of training session and can give this material to the trainees. This will cut the cost of trainer.
  • As the session can be recorded and no more facilities will be required.
  • Trainee can learn from anywhere, so no more need to travel.
  • By Online Training one can’t create the training environment but in many cases where training environment is not so much important, it works perfectly.
  • In Online Training you don’t need any hard copy of training material. The recorded videos and audio work as the training material. Apart from this, if one likes to give any other notes or documents, they can upload it without paying any extra penny.
  • There is no extra maintenance cost in providing training Online.
  • One of the great features of the LMS is that you can check the performance of the trainee and it doesn’t costs anything.

Contact us to know more about how and how much we can cut your training cost without affecting the quality of your training session.

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