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Automated Student Attendance System

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Automated Student Attendance System uses face recognition technology.  A fingerprint attendance machine is not the correct solution for the kid’s attendance as their fingerprints change very frequently and marking the attendance becomes a problem. An Automated Student Attendance System is a system that uses technology to track and record students’ attendance in a classroom or […]

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Face Attendance Machine eSSL MB20

Face Attendance Machine eSSL MB20 Expect more, pay less. Migrate to contactless technologies (Face recognition) in the post covid era. essl face recognition attendance machine price. Low-cost face attendance machine. Wonderful Face Attendance Machine eSSL MB20 Valuable Attractive Price. eSSL MB20 Access Control, Time & Attendance Face Attendance Machine AmpleTrails provides latest best quality face […]

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eSSL uface 602 Face Attendance Machine Fingerprint RFID Card

eSSL uface 602 Face Attendance Machine with Fingerprint RFID Card essl Team has released the new multi-biometric Time, Attendance and access controller. eSSL uface 602 has 1200 templates supporting faces, fingerprints 2000 and 10,000 cards (optional). Equipped with the latest hardware platform and algorithms, which gives the customer a pleasant experience to use through a new user […]

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