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Server for Web Application

Server for web application.  How to choose? Having a low loading time of your application gives a better experience to your user.  This will also whelp in better SEO of your website.  As the content is the kind and fast server and low latency result in more number of users. There are couple of things […]

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E-Learning Software India

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E-Learning Software India Is there a need of E-Learning software?   People in India have realized the need of E-Learning software.  With the demand of acquiring knowledge increasing day by day its very important to have E-Learning system implemented in India.  India is a developing country, its quite challenging to find the right teacher available for […]

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Education Sector in India

Education Sector in India At present, the size of the education sector is pegged at $25 billion, says an Assocham study. With the increase in middle class income and Government expenditure the education sector may double to $50 billion by 2015. A few years ago, the domestic markets in India were just too small to […]

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