Time attendance Record machine

Time and attendance Record Machine K20. Inbuilt battery backup,RFID, Color display and Access Control K20 is an economical Biometric device which caters to the Small and medium scale industry. With the pricing in mind and future proof technology induced, K20 is a high performing product. To buy this wonderful time and attendance recorder please contact […]

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Fingerprint recognition in high schools

Multi Bio uface 302 with face and fingerprint recognition access control system

Fingerprint recognition in high schools are used to mark the attendance of the students. Various utilities of Fingerprint recognition in high schools. Track Mid Day Meal Program using fingerprint technology. In some of the schools there is a provision of providing mid day meal.  This can be used by the authorities for mid day meal program to […]

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Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Access Control System with Time and Attendance Integration

Time & Attendance System With Access Control

We have lots of options available for Access Control System.  A lot of Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Access control devices are available.  One of the model is Biometric Time and Attendance Machine with access control machine K 20.  Its a branded machine of eSSL with software support and direct excel report.  Not just attendance using […]

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Comparison between Attendance Machine E9999, 6161T and X990

Comparison between Attendance Machine E9999 , 6161T and X990 India Delhi Gurgaon Noida Attendance System attendance device attendance automation attendance

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eSSL LX16 Fingerprint Time Attendance System For Small Chain Store

Attendance System K21

eSSL LX16 Fingerprint Time Attendance System For Small Chain Store No Software Required LX16 is Fingerprint Time Attendance System with SSR Report (Self-Service-Report). Which is applicable to small chain stores. Employees Data can be download in excel format without any software.Also its supports USB Host & USB Client especially with 2.8 inches TFT display.”LX16″ Table […]

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ESSL biometric Authorized Distributor – AmpleTrails Gurgaon Haryana India

ESSL Product POrtfolio Face Recognition Machine Biometric Machine Cameras Multidoor Controller Video Door Phone Elevator Controller Locks Turnstile

ESSL Biometric Attendance System Do you want to get ESSL Biometric Attendance System at lowest price and save your money. Do you want to get Biometric System implemented in your organization? Do you want to save your money from Ghost Employees? If yes, contact us. Ghost employees are those employees who don’t come to your […]

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