Google Adwords suggestions better performance

Google adwords performance tips PPC

Google adwords performance tips PPC

Google Adwords suggestions better performance

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Keywords are one of the most important components of AdWords. Having a good list of keywords can certainly pull your campaign up.

Adding the right keywords is important to ensure that you get only relevant customers to your website and you do not miss out on any potential sales or leads. I recommend that you watch this¬†video¬†to learn how to build an effective keywords list. Further, you can go on to read more about keywords and keyword types here –¬†broad match,¬†broad match modifier,¬†phrase match¬†and¬†exact match.Add Negative KeywordsA key part of your ROI is making sure you’re not wasting money on irrelevant clicks. Adding negative keywords is a method of preventing your ad from showing for searches that are unlikely to lead to a conversion. This type of keyword can help reduce your cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your return on investment.

Watch a short video  on how to identify negative keywords. To find out how to add negative keywords, you can refer to this guide


Like we discussed, you can schedule your Ads to show when you feel it is right for them to be shown. I also showed you a report which showed that even though your Ads are showing between 12 A.M Р7 A.M, there is no one clicking it. This in turn is impacting your CTR which will directly impact your Quality Score. To understand more about Ad scheduling, please click here.


It is always good to keep a track of how your keywords are performing. The best way to do this is to use the ‘Search Terms report’. With this report, you can see every search query that resulted in your ad being triggered and clicked. So this report helps you identify terms you may want to add as keywords or filter out as negative keywords. To run this report, go to the ‘Keywords’ tab and click on the ‘Details’ tab under the graph, then under ‘Search Terms’, select ‘All’. For more information on this, click here:

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Automatic bidding is the simplest of the AdWords bidding options. You don’t need to specify individual bids for your keywords, ad groups, or placements. Instead, you set a daily budget, and AdWords will help adjust your cost-per-click (CPC) bids to receive the most possible clicks within your budget. You can read more¬†here.

I hope this has been helpful.¬†Have a great day ahead. Happy Advertising ūüėÄ

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Malware WordPress website-How to remove

Malware WordPress attack on your website can cause you blacklisted in google and can cause a lots of bad effects.  This post is regarding how to remove Malware from WordPress website.  Recently I got a call from a customer asking if we can remove malware in wordpress website due to which google have blacklisted his website.

Malware in WordPress website blog security problem hack -How to remove

How to check if your website is having Malware?

You can use Sucuri SiteCheck a Free Website Malware Scanner or can use google webmaster tool as well.  If every thing is fine with your website you can get following kind of report.

Security report (No threats found):

Blacklisted:   No
Malware: No
Malicious javascript:   No
Malicious iFrames: No
Drive-By Downloads:   No
Anomaly detection:   No
IE-only attacks:     No
Suspicious redirections:     No

In google webmaster tool there is a tab under Health for Malware.  You can click on the tab to check the status of your website.  If every thing is fine you will get following message

Malware WordPress

Google has not detected any malware on this site.

How is the Malware code looks like?

Its generally in tag like <?php /**/ eval(base64_decode("some garbage code ") ?>

Security measures for protecting your wordpress website from Malware

Install a plugin Better WP Security.¬† This need to be installed before the attack.¬† After attack this wouldn’t be able to solve the problem.
How to remove the Malware code?
  • You need to find and remove all the lines which has base64_decode(“some garbage code “).¬† This can be present in Java Script as well. Re-install the wordpress blog this will help in fixing some of the files.¬† Please not that take the back up of all your data before doing this.
  • Clean up your comments.¬† Remove all the comments marked as spam.
  • Clean up your database.¬† There can be a possibility of having same code present in your database.¬† Remove all such entries.

Blacklist removal from google

After removing Malware from wordpress blog verify that non of your post is having Malware.¬† You can do that easily using Sucuri SiteCheck.¬† After everything is done submit your website to google Webmaster tool which have marked your website blacklisted for re evaluation.¬†¬† This process takes some time.¬† Once its done don’t forget to install plugin Better WP Security and configure it by going to settings.

If you see following kind of attack information in your other_vhosts_access.log file or in access.log file. - - [22/Jan/2014:23:12:53 +0530] "POST /wp-login.php HTTP/1.0" 200 11562 "-" "-" - - [22/Jan/2014:23:12:54 +0530] "POST /wp-login.php HTTP/1.0" 200 11562 "-" "-" - - [22/Jan/2014:23:12:54 +0530] "POST /wp-login.php HTTP/1.0" 200 11562 "-" "-"

Malware WordPress Block IP address from attacking wordpress site.

Use IP tables if you are on Linux system following command will help.

iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

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CBSE Schools to have Website with complete details of school


CBSE Schools to have Website with complete details of school.CBSE Schools to have Website with complete details of school

CBSE requirements for school website. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for all affiliated schools to have website with complete details of the school.

Information required on the website: Following information is required to be present on the school website.

  • Details of CBSE guidelines and norms
  • Student strength
  • Information about Teaching Staff
  • Student teacher ratio
  • Contact details of Administrators
  • Comprehensive information about the school
  • ¬†Information about school infrastructure
  • Governance structure
  • Land area
  • Facilities and teacher salaries
  • Teachers’ qualification

‚ÄúThe information to be provided on the website includes affiliation status, details of infrastructure, names and designations of teachers, class-wise and section-wise enrollment of students, address (both postal and email), telephone numbers, and details of members of the school managing committee, to name a few. Thus, the schools need to prepare an annual report containing all information to be uploaded on to its website,‚ÄĚ the letter added.¬† The details are to be collected as an annual report and uploaded on the website before September 15 each year.

A letter to affiliated schools from the joint secretary of the CBSE’s affiliation wing M V V Prasada Rao said, “It is observed that some schools do not have their own website and have not uploaded the required information on their website. All the managers and principals of schools affiliated to the board are again requested to comply with the above orders within one month without fail.

Educational consultant K R Maalathi said schools had to be transparent. “The first point of contact with the school is very important for parents. Schools need to redefine their public relations policy,” she added. Please click to download the circular.

Update: A new circular is issued by CBSE which can be downloaded here. Get the website designed according to your requirement.

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School Software for fees

School Software for fees

ERP for School School Management System. School Software For Finance

Central Board of Secondary Education Information of CBSE Affiliated Schools

cbse information pattern

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