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Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller 8 Reader

Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller 8 Reader
4 door controller access control system.

Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller 8 Reader

Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller 8 Reader

Spectra’s four-door access control panel, QuadXs 2C is engineered for optimum performance. You can program cards from the controller itself from the built in display.  It provides real-time monitoring of 4 doors access in all respects. This access control panel supports door-wise anti-pass backs. A prominent solution built for security; its controller and power supply units are protected with suitable housing to avoid any accidental damages. It allows quick data transfers to a centralized server, making it an extremely versatile and agile system to work with.  It’s the one of the controllers which support 8 Wiegand readers.  The benefit is the cost of ownership.

4 Door/8 Reader Access Panel with 5 Amp SMPS and Cabinet

A logic-based solution that gives you complete control over your premises. QuadXs 2C, the best door access control panel.  It comes with desktop-based software which is easy to use.  It gives users the ease to set custom settings and exercise their rights, from individual to group doors. It saves time and ensures tighter security of the premises than is required. From field up-gradable software to fast data transfer the solution is a mark of Spectra’s unrelenting trust and quality.  The HSN code of QuadXs 2C is 85437099.  MRP Maximum Retail price of QuadXs 2C is 38000.  This price includes 18% GST.

Spectra 4 door controller

Spectra Controller

Spectra 4 door controller for access Control

Most rugged four-door/eight reader access controller to ensure unparalleled physical security.

Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller 8 Reader Door Access

Door Access Controller

Features of Spectra 4 door controller

 4 Door / 8 Reader IP Controller  Supports access control of up to 4 doors in all respect. It supports 4 entry readers, 4 exit readers, 4 locks, 4 exit switches etc.

 Protected Enclosure for Controller  In QuadXs 2C, the 4 door access control panel, both controller & power supply unit are protected with suitable housing so that electronic circuit boards are not exposed to cause any accidental damage.

 Door Interlocking with Anti Pass Back  This 4 doors access control panel offers door interlocking by allowing access to a door within the group only when all the other doors are closed. It also supports door-wise anti-passback where entry to a particular door is allowed only when the employee has exited through the same door.

 Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface  Leveraging on the merits of IP-based systems; QuadXs 2C supports TCP/IP network. Thus the data can be transferred instantaneously in real time mode to a centralized server.  With its software running in the background can read data on a real-time basis.

 Field Upgradable Firmware
This 4 door control panel offers a facility to upgrade the firmware onsite over Ethernet interface so that in case of customization or new version update, QuadXs 2C can be easily upgraded without any need of removing it.

 Excellent Price Performance Ratio  With a lower price to performance ratio ROI is automatically enhanced, the factor contributing to higher ROI is not only the competitive pricing but also the higher accuracy rate offered by the product.

SPecifications of Spectra Quadxs-2c

  • Controller : 4 Doors/8 Readers
  • Program Memory: 512 KBytes
  • Database : 30,000 card holders
  • Transactions: 55,000 time-stamped events storage capacity
  • RTC : Nonvolatile real-time clock contrast
  • Keypad: 12 keys membrane keypad for local programming
  • Communication: 10 Base-T RJ45 Ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications
  • Reader Interface: Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 40 bits/clock data, Eight reader ports
  • Reader Control: LED control, buzzer control & reader tamper switch input
  • Lock Interface : 4 potential-free changeover relays, contact rating 3A/30V DC, support both fail safe & fail secure lock assemblies
  • Digital Inputs : Optically isolated inputs for 4 door sensor, 4 exit switch & 8 general purpose digital inputs
  • Digital Output : 4 General purpose relay outputs
  • Watchdog : Inbuilt watchdog supervisor
  • Protection : Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for over current protection
  • Power : 4 Watts (excluding lock & readers)
  • Input : 180V AC ~ 230V AC/50 Hz

Technical Specifications of Controller

  • CPU 8 bit micro controller running at 42 MHz
  • Data Memory 2 MB flash & 256 KB nonvolatile RAM
  • Transactions 55,000 time stamped events storage capacity
  • Display 16 chars x 2 lines high contrast backlit LCD, LED indication for reader & lock activity status
  • Communication 10 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications
  • Reader Control LED control, buzzer control & reader tamper switch input & fail secure lock assemblies
  • Digital Output 4 General purpose relay outputs
  • Supply 13.8V DC / 5 Amp with battery charger, provision to connect 12V/7.2 AH battery
  • Power 4 Watts (excluding lock & readers)
  • Operating Temp. -10 to 50°C
  • Weight 5.14 Kg.

List of readers supported by Spectra QuadXs-2C with HSN code Description and price


  • XP-P1 85437099 125KHz Proximity Access Card Reader W/O tamper switch and RS232 4200
  • XP-P2 85437099 125KHz Proximity Card Reader, IP65, with tamper switch and RS232 5000
  • XP-M1 85437099 13.56 MHz Mifare CSN reader W/O tamper switch and RS232 6000
  • XP-M2 85437099 13.56 MHz Sector card reader, IP65, with tamper switch and RS232 8800
  • XP-C1 85437099 125KHz EM,13.56 MHz Mifare CSN,Sector,BLE,IP65,Tamper switch,RS232 12800
2 and 4 door access control panel

Spectra 4 Door/8 Reader Access Panel QuadXs 2C

Software supported

  • ARSWin-Pro 997331 Basic Attendance Management Software(MS Access) Online download (Only upto 200 users support)
  • NetXsControl 997331 Access Control software(MS Access/ MS Sql/ Oracle) Online download(Only upto 200 users support)
  • ARSWin-Net 997331 Enterprise Attendance Management Software(MS Sql/ Oracle) 200 user 40000
  • 997331 Additional 100 user license 10000
  • 997331 Employee Self service module (ESS) 40000
  • NetXsControl Ent. 997331 Enterprise Access Management Software for 200 user 32000
  • 997331 Additional 100 user license 4400
  • CMS 997331 Canteen Management Software 28000
  • VMS 997331 Visitor Management software 60000
  • BLE Tag 997331 Pack of 50 Bluetooth Tag 7500

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