Smart Fingerprint Lock eSSL SL-618

Smart Fingerprint Lock eSSL SL-618password, RFID tags, remote control, biometrics, and Bluetooth connected mobile applications. With this lock, there is no need to carry a key. Use your fingerprint, and other credentials to lock and unlock SL-618 door locks. Smart Fingerprint lock help in increasing the security of your home. It’s one of the most Slim Fingerprint Password Lock of this planet. It’s a royal lock for your home.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Slim Fingerprint Password Lock

SL-618 : Slim Fingerprint Password Lock
Electronic System ParametersInput4 X 1.5 AA 1 group
Static State≤60 μA
Battery LifeContinuous opening ≥8000 times
Low power alarm≤ 4.8V ± 0.2V
Working Temperature-25°C to 65°C
Relative Humidity5% to 95%
Atmospheric Pressure86kPa-106kPa
PasswordUser Password Combination8 digits
Password Capacity30 group user password
Password ProtectionAutomatically gets locked upon entering wrong password 3 times continuously
Vague input PasswordCan add 12 digit irrelevant password before correct password
Accessibility FunctionChinese & English exchangeIntegrated chip for convenient Chinese & English voice switch
FingerprintChecks every fingerprint position
CardCan add upto 10 cards
Display FunctionOLED Screen
Remote control/cardCan add upto 10 groups remote control (App can add upto 99 pcs cards)
AlarmLow power, Illegal opening, Fake alarm
FingerprintAnti-static electricity capacity≤ ± 15kV
Fingerprint sensorSemi-conductor
Fingerprint Collection Area15 mm X 19 mm
Resolution Ratio508 dpi
Angle Identification360°
Fingerprint capacity115 user fingerprints + 5 administrator fingerprints
Comparison mode1:N
Verification comparison timeMaximum 3s (fingerprint collection, testing, lock signal output time combination)
Lock body parameterLeft & Right exchange functionUniversal lock body
Size (in mm)240 X 96 X 24
Middle Hole Distance (in mm)60 X 68
MaterialSUS 304 + depends
Front plate dimensions (in mm)377 X 76 X 26
Back plate dimensions (in mm)377 X 76 X 26
Executive StandardGA3942019
Power SupplyWorking Current≤250 mA
Supply Power5V power bank
Smart Fingerprint Door Lock SL-618

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