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64 Channel NVR with 4K Support with multiple HDD Slots

• 64 IP Channel Inputs; HDMI, 1/1 Audio I/O and 2/1 Alarm I/O
• 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 720p, D1 & CIF Recording Resolution
• 5x 4K, 16x 8MP, 24x 1080p, 54x 720p, 64x D1 Local Decoding
• SATA HDD Support (10TB Capacity per Slot, Hard Disk Not Included)
• Save Storage Space with Adaptive Recording & Camera-wise Recording Retention
• SMS & Email Notification, Video Pop-up, Alarms and Calling from Mobile Application
• 512Mbps Throughput – 256 Uplink, 256 Downlink
• Cascading: Manage Multiple Matrix NVRs
• ONVIF and Major Camera Brands Support



Gain real-time visibility into your environment so you can monitor everything. Reliable remote video access with a single dashboard or mobile app to quickly investigate. Smart surveillance Products. Increased Connectivity. Intuitive Interface.

  • Compression: H.265
    • Decoding: 4K
    • Channel: 64Channels
    • Storage: 4 SATA Port (10TB each)
    • Throughput: 512Mbps


Matrix NVRs are packed with high end processors to deliver all the functionalities like high resolution recording,
playback, simultaneous local and remote monitoring along with storing for higher number of days. Furthermore,
these latest NVRs are also backed with an intelligent software to detect threats and send instant notifications for
real-time security.
All in all, these comprehensive, flexible, reliable, integrated NVRs provide a proficient, persistent and a preventive
security solution suitable for enterprises and multi-location offices.


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