Optimize up to 50% on Storage Consumption with Matrix IP Cameras

Storage and Bandwidth Costs Multiplying Each Day?
Presenting: Matrix IP Cameras with Adaptive Streaming Feature


Matrix IP Cameras

Matrix IP Cameras

What is Adaptive Streaming?
Streaming at higher bit rate during motion ensures best quality videos. However, in scenario where there is no motion the camera should automatically be able to reduce the bit rate and frames per second. This is essential because it is of no use to capture multiple frames of the same scenario.

The Adaptive Streaming feature does this by:

  • Streaming at higher bit rate and frames/second during activity period
  • Automatically reducing bit rate and frames/Second during no activity period
Matrix IP Cameras

Matrix IP Cameras

Storage and Bandwidth Optimization
Saves 45-50% Storage Space and Bandwidth
Reduces 50% Storage Costs
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