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Online Attendance Management System

Online Attendance for multiple location attendance tracking of employees. Now enjoy centralized software on a server that can be accessed from any part of the world with proper credentials.

Biometric Attendance Machine with Mobile App

Mobile App for Biometric Attendance Machine

In this software, no need for any kind of processing, hardware will send data automatically and the software will process this data till the attendance report.

Biometric attendance system online

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines

You just log in to your account and can found employee Present, absent and late status on the front page, if need all others report, you can go to report section and can view or print all kind of attendance report like Attendance report, Late report, Performance report. An online school attendance management system can be used to track the online attendance of students.

This is intelligent solution for all kinds of office and factory environments, where ADMINISTRATOR has all rights to check, add & edit the menu. At the same time, all employees will have an individual user id and password to log in to their own account to see his attendance time, Leave Record and apply for a leave

Online Attendance

The Department head can accept that request or reject the request if the request accepted the Leave will be marked in the Leave register & will deduct from the leave balance otherwise employee will receive an email about the rejection of leave

a key feature of Online Attendance Management System:-

  • Automatically data push from machine to server just with internet connectivity.
  • No need for any static IP of a dedicated computer to use the software.
  • Check your office attendance from anywhere
  • Get real time data after punching of employee
  • Check employee leave status on your smart phone
  • Check PRESENT, ABSENT and LATE report on your Smartphone
  • Track your field staff location with time
  • Check daily working of your field staff
  • Track distance & time between 2 location where your field staff going
Attendance Payroll on Cloud

Attendance Payroll on Cloud

Online attendance management system for employees
The online attendance management systems can be used for college students. We provide an online attendance management system from Haryana.

Features of employee attendance System

  • Notification while staff marks their attendance in Biometric device
  • Track your field staff where he was last time.
  • Check staff location with time
  • Daily route report with location and time
  • Daily late report with location
  • Performance report with IN/OUT time

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