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Office Security Building Security Access Control System

Office Security is very important now a days.  With the growing thefts in offices and buildings we need to make our office safe.  With latest and best solutions office buildings and factories can be secured.   Some of the equipments that can be used in offices are.

  1. CCTV for Office Video Surveillance:  Cameras can be installed inside and outside the office buildings for close monitoring of activities that are happening in the offices and nearby areas.  These can be used for further forensic purpose as well.  CCTV Cameras provide us an option to live viewing of videos as well as to see the recorded version.   There is an option of configuring it to see over the internet.  You can configure it on your I Phone or Android by installing the application.
  2. Analog High Defination Camera Bullet Night Vision

    Analog High Defination Camera Bullet Night Vision

  3. Access Control System for Offices:  Access control System can be used to allow only authorized person to enter inside the premisses.  Access in the building can be restricted on the bases of time zones,  departments.  There can be different Door Settings.
  4. Attendance Machines:  Attendance machines are part of office security.  This help in keeping track of who came and at what time and can help in tracking the employee attendance.
  5. Smoke Sensors: Smoke sensors can be used to prevent and alert about any fire or smoke happening inside the building.  These sensors can be configured with GSM modules to have signal sent on the mobile.   These alerts can be in the form of SMS or calls.
  6. Motion Sensors:  These sensors can be used to sense any activity in the areas that is not used by people.   Such sensors can be activated during the night.  Similar to smoke sensors these sensors can be configured with GSM module and SMS and calls can be configured.
  7. Shutter Sensors:  These sensors get activated when ever a person tries to break the shutter.  These sensors can be connected with the hooters to alert people and can prevent any further financial damage.
  8. Biometric Door Locks:  These locks can be put on the normal doors and only authorized persons fingerprint can be registered.  These people will be able to open the door either by placing their registered fingerprint or cards.

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