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Monitor Your Employees’ Attendance Using the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance App

See How Easily You Can Monitor Your Employees’ Attendance Using the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance App

Mobile Attendance App

Daily attendance App

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses around the world. Countries had to implement lockdowns, which took a toll on the livelihood of business owners worldwide. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suffered the most. Thus, some employers had no choice but to downsize or close down their companies. As a result, employees were either retrenched or decided to leave their jobs altogether to avoid contracting the dreaded coronavirus. Call us now on 9315441078 for the best employee tracking app.

  • Touch-free attendance
  • Real-time employee tracking
  • Use a Mobile Application with Face Recognition
  • Leave management on the App itself
  • Unlimited users and unlimited transactions
  • Seamless Integration with HRMS
  • Plans starting as low as INR 20 per user per month
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Mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system

Nevertheless, other businesses pivoted from brick and mortar to digital to save their employees’ jobs. For instance, shopping stores built e-commerce platforms and trained their employees to process business transactions online. With this kind of set up, business owners allowed their employees to work from home. However, this work arrangement left employers – represented by their human resources department – with a problem when it comes to monitoring the attendance of their staff.

Touchless Face attendance

It’s a known fact among HR practitioners that working from home can bring about challenges to employees. A touchless face attendance solution can help in monitoring the time attendance of the employees.  First, employees might have difficulty distinguishing what’s work and what’s home when working from home. It sounds like a play of words, but it’s true. Second, working from home is much more stressful; hence employee productivity might get compromised. Lastly, distractions could get in the way while employees are working from home. Household chores, babysitting, and running errands might steal the attention of work-from-home moms instead of focusing on their jobs.

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

To illustrate, let’s have a glimpse into the daily work routine of Rachel. She works as a senior credit and collection analyst at a poultry and livestock specialist company. Before COVID-19 hit her city, she used to report for work five days a week from eight o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening. She had no problem with her productivity at their office until the pandemic left employers with no choice but to let their employees work from home.

Time and Attendance App

Touchless Face attendance

From a typical office mom, Rachel now has to adjust to her new routine as a work-from-home mom. In the morning before the start of her work shift, she has to prepare the needs of her husband and kids. She cooks breakfast and lunch. In the same way, she cooks dinner, does the laundry, washes the dishes, and tucks her kids into bed after her work shift in the evening. That’s how she usually spends her weekdays as a mom.


Now let’s take a look at how Rachel spends her workweek as an employee. She’s always online having chats with customers about their account status. She monitors customers’ credit limits, sets up teleconferences, and creates daily progress reports. In-between, she juggles being a mom and as an employee at the same time.


Rachel’s first month under a work-from-home arrangement proved to be a stressful set up for her. But she gradually learned the hang of it. Foremost, she managed her time well. Next, she discovered how to make technology work for her instead of against her by using productivity apps to speed up her work. Finally, she studied how to better collaborate with her co-employees while all of them are stuck in their own homes while working at the same time.


As we can see, employees could easily avoid the challenges of working from home by having the right training, tools, and apps. Likewise, employers have also figured out how to monitor their employees’ attendance by making use of advanced technology readily available online.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic crept in, employees used either a Bundy clock or biometrics to register their attendance on a typical workday at the office. But not anymore since remote work is becoming the new norm. Thus, business owners started looking for an alternative system for monitoring the attendance of employees who are working from home.


Fortunately, the smart artificial intelligence-based attendance system ever released is finally here—the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app!

Touchless Face Recognition Time Attendance Application

The AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app was designed, developed, and hosted in India. It’s a touchless, face-recognition time attendance system. It can record the attendance by matching an employee’s facial features against the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app’s database.

Advanced features of Face Recognition Mobile Attendance App

Furthermore, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app also provides advanced features such as allowing employees to:


  • Log their attendance using the face recognition, biometric, or manual method
  • Update their photo
  • Select in/out direction when marking their attendance
  • Mark attendance of their co-employee who doesn’t have a phone
  • Manage their work schedules
  • Record company-related expenses made by them
  • File their leave requests
  • Upload their essential documents to the server
  • Change their work location whenever required

All of these while they’re working from the comfort of their homes!

Additionally, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure that an employee who’s logging in is in the right place. Aside from its GPS technology, it also can track the location history of an employee. This feature helps employers check whether their employees are working or not. Moreover, employers can activate the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app’s geofencing feature on a single tap to designate an area where employees are allowed to register their attendance.

An equally important feature of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app is that authorized parties can access the attendance record of employees by accessing the data stored in a cloud-based database for verification and checking. The retrieved data could be exported into different file formats like comma-separated values (CSV), Excel, etc. for processing. Data processors – usually the HR – have the option to synchronize the activities of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app with popular biometric attendance software for real-time processing to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Another cool feature of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app is its easy integration with a Web application programming interface (API), human resources management system (HRMS), and payroll software.

Features of Mobile Application

In summary, these are the features found on the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app:

  • Face Attendance
  • Geo Attendance
  • Attendance Logs
  • Update Photo
  • Office Location
  • Work Schedule
  • Colleague Attendance
  • Colleague Attendance (GEO)
  • Leave Request
  • Documents Upload
  • Assign Office
  • Visit History


Also, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app allows customization for brand name and logo.  We provide the best time tracking application.

In the final analysis, allowing employees to work from home or work remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a lot easier with the help of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app. Employers can now easily monitor their employees’ attendance anytime, anywhere.

Download the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store now.

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