Fingerprint and Card based Time-Attendance Terminal

  • Fingerprint and Card based Time-Attendance Terminal
  • Optical Fingerprint and Proximity Card based Time-Attendance Terminal (Card Module is not Included)
  • Support EM Proximity Card Module
  • Dot-Matrix LCD and Touch sense Keypad
  • Ethernet and USB Connectivity, Mobile Broadband Connectivity Through External (3G/4G) Dongle
  • Time-Attendance and Cafeteria Application
  • 5,00,000 Events and 9,600 Fingerprint Templates
  • 12VDC Power Supply through Adapter or Battery Backup
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Matrix Cosec Time Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System – Matrix COSEC


Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT, is designed to fulfill the requirement of Time Attendance Application. It is one of the variants of Door Series of Matrix Devices. Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT is an automated biometric attendance system which is used for enrollment of employees’ credential, capturing user attendance, processing attendance data. It can be used for generate informative reports using Matrix COSEC Software. Output from COSEC software can directly be integrated with third party software for payroll processing using COSEC Integrate Service. Its a premium device which uses Fingerprint, RFID Card, and PIN for marking attendance. Its award winning design, multiple credentials and connectivity options fulfill the requirements of all types of businesses for biometric Time Attendance application. Therefore, this solution is ideal for various sectors.

Matrix Biometric Attendance Device

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Government Institutes
  • Hotels
  • Remote Sites
  • Large/Small Enterprises

Matrix Cosec Time-attendance Systems

Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT’s uses Fingerprint, RFID and PIN for identification through biometric attendance system. It’s very quick and records in/out time clocking of employees instantaneously. COSEC DOOR FOT, a well-engineered Door Controller, can be used for various applications like Time-Attendance and Cafeteria Management.



Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT has 128*64 Dot Matrix Display with touch sense keypad. It’s not touch screen but touch keypad. It can store up to 9,600 fingerprint templates and 5,00,000 events. It works with COSEC Web based software. The device is ideal for multi location attendance. It offers push data technology for centralized reporting.

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machine

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machine

COSEC DOOR FOTQ, a new variant of fingerprint Time-Attendance terminal with STQC certified sensor. This device can be used for Aadhaar based Time attendance solution. It offers all the time-attendance features, but at a low price. Hence, this device proves cost-effective for organizations looking for an exclusive Time-Attendance device.



It is an obvious fact that employees have always been bickering with the HR department pertaining the issues of manual attendance marking system. Biometric attendance system can bring about drastic improvements in managing employee and processes. With the advancement in high-tech biometric attendance system, businesses have started operating more accurately and efficiently.
 Optical Fingerprint based Time-Attendance Terminal Contact us for the Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT Price, installation.

Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Machines
Credential SupportFingerprint, RFID Card and PINFingerprint, RFID Card and PIN
Display128 x 64 Dot Matrix Display128 x 64 Dot Matrix Display
Keypad16 Touch Sense Keys16 Touch Sense Keys
User Capacity50,000 (Max. 9600 in 1:N Mode)
50,000 (Max. 9600 in 1:N Mode)
Template Per UserUp to Ten (Single Templateper Finger Mode) or Up toFive (Dual Template perFinger Mode)
Up to Ten (SingleTemplate per FingerMode) or Up to Five(Dual Template perFinger Mode)
Template Storage Capacity9600 in 1:N Mode and 1 lac in 1:1 Mode
9600 in 1:N Mode and 1 lac in 1:1 Mode
Cards Per UserUp to TwoUp to Two
Event Buffer5,00,0005,00,000
Types of Cards SupportProximity Card (EM Prox and HID Prox)
Proximity Card (EM Prox and HID Prox)
Mobile BroadbandYes (3G/4G Support)Yes (3G/4G Support)
RS-485Yes (115.2Kbps)Yes (115.2Kbps)
EthernetYes (10 Mbps / 100Mbps on Ethernet)
Yes (10 Mbps / 100Mbps on Ethernet)
USB2 USB Ports (1 for DataTransfer and 1 for 3G/4GDongle)
2 USB Ports (1 for DataTransfer and 1 for3G/4G Dongle)
LED4 LEDs (Status, Alarm,Allowed, Denied)
4 LEDs (Status, Alarm,Allowed, Denied)
CPU400MHz ARM 9 based Processor
400MHz ARM 9 based Processor
Flash Memory256MB256MB
RAM Memory128MB DDR2128MB DDR2
Input Power12VDC @ 2A12VDC @ 2A
Battery BackupNoNo
Humidity5% to 85% RH Noncondensing5% to 85% RH Noncondensing
OperatingTemperature0°C to + 50°C (32°F to 122°F)0°C to + 50°C (32°F to122°F)
CertificationCE and RoHSCE and RoHS
STQC CertifiedNoVerified
Dimensions (mm)100 x 220 x 56100x220x56
Weight (kgs)0.650.65
Sample Reports generated from COSEC Software.
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 We love developers. We have following API’s for integration.  

Device Level Integration

Matrix COSEC devices come ready with Device API for 3rd party application developers to develop their applications using Matrix COSEC devices. Matrix COSEC Device APIs (DAPI) allows other third party applications to communicate directly with the COSEC devices without need for COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM.

Matrix Cosec Time-attendance Systems

Platform Level Integration

Many application developers need application ready APIs. They expect the hardware vendors to manage device configuration, communication, enrollment and all such lower-level tasks. This saves them from the complexity of physical interfaces, network management, communication, device configuration, template distribution, etc. For such developers, Matrix COSEC CENTRA offers PLATFORM APIs (PAPI). Matrix COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM

manages all the lower level tasks shielding application developers from the tedious lower-level software engineering and offers them application-ready interfaces for simple and quick programming. Using PAPI, they can build their applications like time-attendance, access control, visitor management, cafeteria management, contract labor management and roster management on top of COSEC CENTRA PLATFORM.

Cosec Path Dcce Access Control Solution

Function API

This is the highest level of interface Matrix COSEC offers for application to application integration. Using Function APIs (FAPI), Matrix COSEC applications like Time-Attendance can be integrated with other 3rd party applications like payroll, ERP, HRMS and CRM. Matrix COSEC is integrated with many widely popular applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, Tally and others.


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