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LP 46 TVS Printer | Thermal Label Printer

LP 46 Neo TVS Thermal Printer comes with onsite service and warranty of one year.

Desktop Label Printer TVS LP 46 Neo

Desktop Label Printer TVS LP 46 Neo

one year warranty

one year warranty

  • Superior printing speed of 6 inches per second and a
  • 200 MHz 32bit processor
  • 4 Inch width Label
  • Movable black Mark Sensor
  • One year warranty.

The LP 46 Advantage LP-46 is designed to withstand tough Indian POS environments where wide varying voltage and dusty conditions are a common feature – protecting the life of your investment.

4-in-1 Connectivity – Ethernet, USB, RS-232 serial and Centronics Parallel

High Memory Capacity – LP-46 printer comes with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB flash memory

Turbo Print Speed – Print speed of 6 inches per second and a 200 MHz 32-bit processor

Movable Black Mark Sensor – LP-46 has the Unique capability of sensing black mark on labels and receipts, making it the ideal printer for printing cinema/theater tickets

LP 46 TVS Printer

LP 46 TVS Printer

Technical Specifications of LP 46 TVS Printer Thermal Label Printer
LP 46FEATURESLP 46 Label Printers4-in-1 Connectivity – Ethernet, USB, Serial and Parallel InterfacesLP 46 Label PrintersHigh Memory Capacity – 8 MB SDRAM & 4 MB Flash Memory + slot for memory expansionLP 46 Label PrintersTurbo Print Speed – 6 inches per second for quick label and tag printingLP 46 Label PrintersMovable Black Mark Sensor – Ideal application for printing cinema / theater ticketsLP 46 Label PrintersSmall Foot Print – Compact design, saves spaceLP 46 Label PrintersSimple to Operate – Easy & quick consumables (ribbon & tags) replenishment.

This simple to use, high performance printer with a ribbon capacity of 300 meters, is the best in this product category. Its high efficiency and operational capability allows the ribbon and media to run on independent motors which gives a trouble-free and user-friendly operation.
Best suited for Printing
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Couriers
  • Jewellery
  • Apparels
  • Library
  • Supermarkets Cinemas / Theaters
Desktop label printer TVS LP-46 Brochure

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