LP 46 Neo TVS Thermal Printer comes with onsite service and a warranty of one year.

LP 46 Neo Brochure

LP 46 Neo Brochure

  • The superior printing speed of 6 inches per second and a
  • 200 MHz 32bit processor
  • 4 Inch width Label
  • Movable black Mark Sensor
  • One year warranty.

The LP 46 Advantage LP-46 is designed to withstand tough Indian POS environments where wide varying voltage and dusty conditions are a common feature – protecting the life of your investment.

4-in-1 Connectivity – Ethernet, USB, RS-232 serial, and Centronics Parallel

High Memory Capacity – LP-46 printer comes with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB flash memory

Turbo Print Speed – The print speed of 6 inches per second and a 200 MHz 32-bit processor

Movable Black Mark Sensor – LP-46 has the Unique capability of sensing black mark on labels and receipts, making it the ideal printer for printing cinema/theater tickets

LP 46 TVS Printer

LP 46 TVS Printer

Technical Specifications of LP 46 TVS Printer Thermal Label Printer
LP 46FEATURESLP 46 Label Printers4-in-1 Connectivity – Ethernet, USB, Serial and Parallel InterfacesLP 46 Label PrintersHigh Memory Capacity – 8 MB SDRAM & 4 MB Flash Memory + slot for memory expansionLP 46 Label PrintersTurbo Print Speed – 6 inches per second for quick label and tag printingLP 46 Label PrintersMovable Black Mark Sensor – Ideal application for printing cinema / theater ticketsLP 46 Label PrintersSmall Foot Print – Compact design, saves spaceLP 46 Label PrintersSimple to Operate – Easy & quick consumables (ribbon & tags) replenishment.

This simple to use, high performance printer with a ribbon capacity of 300 meters, is the best in this product category. Its high efficiency and operational capability allows the ribbon and media to run on independent motors which gives a trouble-free and user-friendly operation.
Best suited for Printing
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Couriers
  • Jewelry
  • Apparels
  • Library
  • Supermarkets Cinemas / Theaters
LP-46 Neo TVS Desktop BarCodePrinter

Desktop BarCodePrinter

Desktop label printer TVS LP-46 Brochure

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