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Hotel Lock

rfid hotel lock system

RFID card hotel lock management system

Safeguard your Hotel properties and protect your guests, so they can enjoy a peaceful stay!

Secureye brings to you a range of Hotel Lockers to secure your Hotel rooms. We have three different models of Hotel Lock, Key Card and Mechanical key namely:
• S- HL20
• S-HL30
• S-HL50

We provide various features with our hotel lock system which includes:
• Zink Alloy with Solidity Nature
• Mechanical Key Supported
• Free Handle to Prevent External Stress
• Community, Office Entrance Guard

Our products find their application in hotels, parking Lot, and even residence and enables better security system so our users can sleep stress-free and safely!

With Secureye, you never have to worry. We provide solutions that safeguard you, your loved ones and your precious belongings. Call us at [email protected]


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