GL300 fingerprint glass door lock

Glass door lock system

Fingerprint Glass Door Lock eSSL GL300 

Mifare Card, fingerprint, password-based glass door lock for home and offices.

Smart Door Lock for Glassdoor eSSL GL 300
Best Door Lock – Digital Door Lock – Range of Digital Door Locks

eSSL GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock is a advanced access control system that combines the functionality of a fingerprint reader and a glass door lock. This system is designed to provide secure and convenient access control for glass doors in commercial and residential settings.

The GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock uses fingerprint recognition technology to identify users, eliminating the need for keys or access cards. Users can simply place their finger on the fingerprint reader to gain access, making it a convenient and secure solution for controlling access to a building or specific areas within it.

The lock is designed for glass doors, it is easy to install on glass doors without the need for drilling or any other kind of modifications. It is also designed to blend seamlessly with the glass door and its sleek and modern design complements any home or office decor.

Glassdoor fingerprint lock

Glassdoor lock with Fingerprint RFID card remote control password and bell with no holes required.  Digital lock for glass door no drilling is required.

  • User Capacity : Fingerprint/Password/Card-100
  • Operating Temperature : -25°C – 55°C,
  • Power Supply : 4×AA Alkaline Battery,
  • Door Thickness : 10mm – 12mm ,
  • Color Type : Black

Glass to Glass, Fingerprint Door Lock with remote control.
RFID Card Digital Lock for Glass Office Doors with fingerprint, card, password.

Glass door fingerprint lock

Features of eSSL GL300 Glass Door Lock

fingerprint Glass Door Lock GL300

Glass Door Lock eSSL GL300

Smart Lock for Glass Doors, Mirror Finish very attractive design, reliable lock.

RFID Card Digital Lock for Glass Office Doors with a fingerprint. Get the best Digital Lock for Glassdoor.

Buy eSSL Digital Glass Door Lock at Best Price. Black color digital door lock for glass gates. With the Digital Locks, you don’t need to worry about losing keys again. Your fingerprint is your key.

This smart lock gives you simplified control on protection for glass doors without having any wiring requirements.

GL300: Fingerprint- Glass Door Lock without drilling

Digital lock for glass door

  • User Capacity: Fingerprint/Password/Card-100
  • Operating Temperature:-25°C-55°C
  • Power Supply: 4×AA Alkaline Battery
  • Door Thickness: 10mm-12mm
  • Color Type: Black
  • Dimensions(W*L*D):131mmX200mmX75mm

eSSL GL300 Fingerprint Glassdoor Lock

Best quality Glass door lock option available on the planet.
Fingerprint Glass Door Lock eSSL GL300


Best Fingerprint Glass door lock from eSSL.  The best part is no holes are required.  No wiring is required for the installation of this lock.

Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

Fingerprint Glass Door Lock eSSL GL300

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