Fingerprint SensorsFingerprint DP Sensor 4500 is an elegant, powerful fingerprint identity machine. With an executive-class look and feel, Perfect power users and shared environments. Its design is sleek and compact to conserve valuable desk space but it says right where you put it because of its nice and special undercoating. Fingerprint DP Sensor 4500 is easy to install and use. The Fingerprint DP Sensor 4500 is Fingerprint Reader is a USB device, built on the latest optical fingerprint reader technology. Its compact and attractive design conserves desk space in enterprises, its professional modern appearance looks elegant in point-of-service environments, and its ability to read a fingerprint from any angle makes it ideal for applications.

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Size: 65 x 36 x 15.56 mm
Resolution: Upto 500 DPI
Registration Speed: Communication Mode: USB Interface
Fingerprint Sensor: Optical Sensor
Operating System: Windows 7, XP, Vista,Windows Server 2003, 2008
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 45°C
Operating Humidity: 20% – 80%
Power Supply: 5.0 +/- 5V ( USB Interface Power)
Application: Security for PC’s and networks, E-commerce,
Banking and financial system security.

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