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Face recognition app for attendance with Geo Location

AmpleTrails Smart Face recognition app for attendance with Geo Location

face attendance app

Face recognition attendance android app

As an employer, I understand how frustrating it can be if you are trying to achieve the littlest form of honesty and transparency about your workers’ attendance. I’m not saying that your workers are dishonest, but honestly, preventing your employees from submitting attendance for their absent colleagues is not an easy task to achieve.

Factually, about 70% of workers sign attendance for their absent colleagues. When asked the reason for this dishonest act, most of them say that they are trying to look out for each other. Also, some close-to-honest ones say that they sign attendance for their colleagues only when the said colleague has serious or life-threatening situations. Mobile App based Attendance System with Face Recognition Technology.

However, what these employees don’t understand is that life-threatening or not, their dishonesty in signing attendance for their absent co-workers negatively affects the overall organization. I mean, if they have the will to sign attendance for their colleagues, then why shouldn’t they do their absent co-workers’ job too?  Nonetheless, this issue of lying about work attendance is paramount in organizations that still use the quickly-phasing-out manual method of attendance.

Face recognition app for attendance

face recognition attendance mobile app

Face recognition attendance mobile app

This is where AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App comes in. Have you ever thought of automating your workers’ attendance? If yes, then AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App are for you. This app was developed by an office automatic and digital multimedia solutions company, called the AmpleTrails. This tech company was founded in 2012 and had since then made its impact in the tech industry.

They are arguably the best when it comes to installing security and biometric time attendance systems. In general, this smart app has a lot of exciting features that will ease the stress of manually monitoring your employees off your shoulder. Most importantly, it’s an artificial intelligence app, and its job is to keep the attendance data of your workers. It was first hosted in India, but it can be used in any part of the world.

So, you are interested in learning more about this app, stick with me. This article will tell you all you need to know about the AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. It will include the physical characteristics of the app, details of its functions, and what is required for you to be able to utilize those functions to its maximum.

Characteristics of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

One of the most prominent features of this app is its color and organization. Unlike most apps, the developer of this app put the customers into consideration. Therefore, it is not an app that you need to download a youtube video to be able to operate it. In addition to that, its user interface is superb, and its dominant pink color gave it a homely feeling.

For precision, when an employee uses this app, his/her exact latitude and longitude are stored.  In addition to this, it gives the precise location of an employee with the help of geofencing. At any point in time, it tells the operator – in this case, the owner of a company, whether an employee is going in or out. Moreover, it keeps track of date and time so that no employee will be able to lie about his or her attendance.

Remember, where I said that it is a smart face app? This app saves an employee’s picture and office details. Consequently, when an employee moves in or out of the office, it sends these details – the image and location – to the business owner.

Coming to attendance, if you use this app in your business or organization, your employees will register for their daily attendance through the app. It saves time and strength like that.

Functions of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

This app doesn’t have limited storage. This is as a result of the thoughtfulness of the developer. All your employees’ work-related information is saved on the cloud for maximum space. Moreover, this app marks a worker’s attendance only when the said employee’s face matches his or her profile and details. When it marks the worker’s attendance, it sends an automatic message to either the operator’s email account, as a phone message, or automatic notification.

Unlike most biometric attendance app, this app is touch-less. Since we are still social distancing, this app helps to keep track of workers’ attendance without the workers having to touch the app. In general, this app allows you to differentiate the diligent workers from the “I’m sorry I can’t be at work today because …” workers.

In addition to these functions, this app helps to manage the work schedules of your workers. It keeps track of workers that are on the morning, night, weekday, and weekend shifts. Also, this app will help you track the leave period for all your workers. For the employees, they can apply for leave through this app.

Furthermore, this app makes the lives of those in the Human Resources (HR) easier. This app has a feature that allows employees to upload documents to the HR or even to you, the operator, or business owner. It also has a colleague attendance option that gives the workers a chance to register for their daily attendance through their operator’s phone if their phone is having problems.

Requirements of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

To use all the features of this app to its fullest, you are required to carry out some steps. The first is that you have to download the app. This app is available in both the android’s play store and apple’s iOS and iTunes. After downloading, you have to create an account and register before you, and your workers will be able to use this app.

Secondly, you have to register and upload your workers’ information on the app. After which your workers have to download, create an account, and register on the application. When this is done, your workers have to switch on their GPS so that the geo attendance will be activated.

In summary, when you think about getting your worker to earn their keep honestly, then you should start thinking of automating their attendance session. You can do this with AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. It will help you track the movement of your workers in the work environment; it will also make it easy for the HR department to communicate with them. Choose AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App today!

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