Face Palm Verification Body Temperature Detection System
Thermo Access, device for the battle against Covid-19

Touchless Biometrics for Better Hygiene

Touchless Body Temperature Scan Face Reader

Integrated Biometric Security Solutions with People Screening Technology is what we require for the current security needs. Solution Highlights:
Mask Detection Temperature Measurement
Face & Palm Verification
Touchless for Better Hygiene

eSSL Face Temperature Machine TM900

eSSL Face Temperature Machine TM900

Contact-less Attendance System with Facial Recognition, Thermal Screening & Contact Tracing

eSSL TM900 Face Verification Body Temperature Detection System

eSSL TM900 Face Verification Body Temperature Detection System

Finger/thumb-based biometric and Access card-based attendance systems can become a breeding ground for infections. AmpleTrails’s Contact-less Attendance System integrated with Facial Recognition, Thermal Screening, Palm recognition, and IoT-based Door Sensor technology address the crucial aspect of hygiene and health of employees. In addition, also explore the possibility of reverse contact tracing which can be highly effective in alerting employees who could be at risk of contamination.

Face & Palm verification and Body Temperature Detection System Face-TM900

Make workplace access truly contact-less
With Body temperature detection, Face Mask detection, and Touchless Palm Recognition, FaceTM-900 undoubtedly prevents infection caused by the usage of common access control. eSSL TM-900 is the best face recognition attendance system.

 Features attendance management with face recognition system: 
  • – Multiple Verification Methods: Face/Palm/Fingerprint/Card/Password
  • – Palm Verification for mask-wearing individuals
  • – Touchless biometric authentication for better hygiene
  • – Body Temperature detection

Most powerful Face Palm Verification Body Temperature Detection Biometric Device of this planet with the best quality support.

Face Palm Verification Body Temperature Detection System

Face Palm Verification Body Temperature Detection System

  • Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Better hygiene with touchless biometric authentication, temperature detection, and masked individual identification
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color, and B/W photos), videos attack and 3D mask attack
  • Multiple Verification Methods: Face / Palm / Fingerprint / Card / Password

Specifications Face Verification Body Temperature Detection System

Display 5-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity 6,000
Palm Capacity 3,000
Fingerprint Capacity 6,000 (Standard); 10,000 (Optional)
Transactions 200,000
Operation System Linux

Standard Functions

ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID, Acess Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti- passback,

Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verify Modes.



900MHz Dual Core CPU, Memory 512MB RAM / 8G Flash, 2MP WDR Low Light Camera, Adjustable Light Brightness LED
Communication TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), Wiegand input / output, RS485
Access Control Interface 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm output, Auxiliary Input
Facial Recognition Speed ≤1s
Biometrics Algorithms Face V5.8 & Finger V10.0 & Palm V12.0
Power Supply 12V 3A
Operating Humidity 10% – 90%
Operating Temperature 16°C ~ 32°C (60.8°F ~ 89.6°F)
Dimensions (W*H*D) 91.93 * 220 * 22.5 (mm)

Face Recognition & Temperature Detection Time Attendance

eSSL Face-TM900 Face Verification Body Temperature Detection System

Contactless Attendance
Face recognition, palm recognition based attendance recording

Temperature detection
Thermal screening to isolate employees with symptoms

Face Mask Detection
Face Mask detection to allow only employees with masks into the workplace

  • Mask detection
  • Body temperature detection
  • Temperature Measurement Distance: 30 ~ 50cm (1~ 1.64ft)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3°C
  • Range: 34 ~ 45°C (93.2 ~ 113°F)
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