COSEC ARGO FACE Instant Face Recognition Based Door Controller Engineered for Modern Organizations

Best Face Attendance System
Face Recognition Attendance System in India
Face Attendance Machine Multiple-User-Credential

Face Scanner Attendance System

Are you looking for a smart and secure way to control access to your premises? Do you want to save time and money by eliminating the need for keys, cards, or codes? If yes, then you need Cosec Argo Face Door Controllers, #1 face scanner attendance system.

Cosec Argo Face Door Controllers are biometric devices that use face recognition technology to verify the identity of authorized users. They are easy to install, operate, and maintain. They can also integrate with existing security systems and provide real-time data and reports.

Cosec Argo Face Door Controllers are suitable for various applications such as offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, airports, and more. They can help you improve the safety and efficiency of your premises.

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Secured Communication

With SSL encryption, you can transmit data securely and reliably, without worrying about snooping or hacking. Our solution is designed to provide the highest level of security and trust for your communication needs.

Aesthetic Look and Design

Our solution combines an aesthetic look and a sleek design with optimized ergonomics, enhancing the corporate aesthetics while providing a stylish and user-friendly solution. You will love the elegant and modern appearance of our product.

Gorilla Glass

Our product features a 3.5” IPS touch screen with Gorilla Glass 3, a durable and scratch-resistant capacitive display that ensures long-lasting performance and enhanced durability. You can enjoy the smooth and responsive touch experience of our product.

Surveillance-grade Camera for Better Viewability

Our product is equipped with a surveillance-grade camera that offers a wider field of view (FOV), enabling comprehensive coverage and enhanced user capturing capabilities. You can capture clear and detailed images and videos with our product.

IR Camera for Spoof Protection

Our product has an in-built IR camera for face liveness detection, effectively preventing spoofing attacks and ensuring higher security measures for enhanced authentication. You can trust our product to verify your identity and protect your data.

Deep Learning Technology

Our product utilizes an advanced algorithm for faster pre-processing and accurate face recognition, achieving an identification speed of lower than 0.5 seconds. You can access our product quickly and conveniently with our product.

Adaptive Face Enrollment

Our product eliminates the need for re-enrollment and provides enhanced user convenience, accommodating facial feature changes. You can use our product without any hassle, even if your appearance changes over time.

Vandal Resistance with IK06

Our product boasts higher impact resistance with IK rating, ensuring its durability against rough handling and providing protection against malicious acts. You can rely on our product to withstand any physical damage and vandalism.

Weather Resistance with IP65

Our product offers a higher degree of protection with IP65 rating, providing reliable ingress protection against dust and water. You can use our product in any weather condition and environment, without compromising its functionality and quality.


Face recognition attendance machine price in India

Face Recognition System – With Seamless Integration

The Matrix Access Control solution is specifically designed for modern organizations to offer unprecedented security, safety, flexibility, and simplicity. It offers three-dimensional security – User, Zone, and Time. Matrix Access Control Solution provides 25+ advanced features for making organizations 360° secure.
Some of our Key Features are
Anti Passback
This feature prevents the use of a user credential for reentry unless the user has exited, eliminating multiple entries using one user’s credentials.
Guard Tour
This feature enforces requires security guards to show their credentials at sequential check posts at specified time periods where deviation will trigger an alarm.
Dead Man Zone
This feature registers the user’s presence periodically to confirm the user is present and active and ensures the safety of an employee working in a hazardous environment.
Who’s in
This feature allows security or admin to determine the users present inside a zone or building.

Face recognition Attendance System


Secure Your Organization with Matrix Advanced Access Features

Face recognition attendance system

Face recognition attendance system

Time-Attendance and Access Control with Face Recognition provide employees with quick and touchless attendance marking to the workplace. COSEC COGNIFACE INTEGRA combines the IP-rated camera and door controllers into a single aesthetically pleasant metal enclosure design keeping all essential controls like IP connectivity, Power connectivity, and battery switches at convenient places for ease of use. Many additional and useful features have been added to make this package ideal across various verticals such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, government, corporates, pharmaceutical industries, transportation and logistics, retail, and hospitality.

Touchless Attendance System

Touchless Attendance System

Key Features:

  • Face, PIN, RFID Card, and Fingerprint (Optional) as Credentials
  • Deep Learning Technology-based FR
  • Battery Backup
  • 50,000 Users
  • 5,00,000 Event Storage COSEC VEGA
  • Touchscreen with Gorilla Glass
  • Universal IP Platform
  • IP66 and IK10 Cameras with Sony Starvis Series Sensor
  • Encrypted Communication
Face Attendance Machine Matrix

Face Attendance Machine Matrix

Matrix face recognition attendance system

Matrix Face Recognition solution comes in 3 different deployment modes:
1) COSEC Device-based Face Recognition
 Integrate with a SATATYA IP Camera and Door Controller
 Attendance Marking and Control the Access from as Far as 8 Feet
 Ideal for One-to-Many (1:N)
 Detection in Less than 1 Sec
 Accurate in Low Light and Varying User Height
 Mobile-based Employee Portal
 Ideal for One-to-One (1:1) Authentication
 Location Tracking via GPS
3) COSEC Mode
 Android Application for Tablet based Face Recognition
 Ideal for One-to-Many (1:N) and One-to-One (1:1) Authentication
 Face Detection in less than 2 sec
 Store up to 1,00,000 Face Template

Facial Recognition Solution with Contactless Authentication

Matrix COSEC Device-based Facial Recognition is a unique solution with IP Camera and COSEC door controller to offer very accurate user identification even in challenging working conditions for time-attendance and access control applications.

  • IP65 Door Controllers with Tamper Detection
  • Flexibility to Mount Camera
  • Accurate Identification in Low Light
  • Sony STARVIS Camera Sensor
  • User Identification in <1 Sec

Face recognition attendance system India

Best Face Recognition Attendance System Made in India.
Call us for face recognition attendance machine prices in India. We provide Made in India products for touchless facial recognition. Get the best face recognition attendance system in India. Not just the attendance we have a face recognition access control attendance system.

Touchless Time-Attendance Terminal

Best face recognition attendance system in India

Below are the models of the Best face recognition attendance system manufactured in India.
Facial Recognition-Based Attendance

  • Best Face Attendance Machine by an Indian brand Matrix. It’s not just another product. It’s the best available solution for this planet. For the first time in India, a wonderful product by Matrix for Face, Fingerprint, EM Prox Card, PIN, and Bluetooth Supported device. The most powerful device with a 2MP camera.
Advance Access Control System Face recognition

Advance Access Control System Face recognition

Face recognition attendance system in India 

‘Made In India’ Facial Recognition Attendance Machine from Matrix. Face recognition access control with attendance system both features are available in Matrix. Face Recognition Time and Attendance Systems

Contactless Solutions – Face Recognition Time Attendance. FACIAL-BASED ATTENDANCE AND ACCESS CONTROL MADE IN INDIA.
Big display to make your employees understand easily about the attendance marked. 3.5″ IPS Display with Capacitive Touch Panel with Gorilla Glass
is made to dominate the market. A very strong device made to perform. Designed for people who love speed and performance.
No other product in the market has 100,000 Face (1: N Mode) capacity. This product is specially designed for Enterprises. Big enterprises with a number of employees in thousands of these products will dominate the market.

  • Best of the design and engineers. This product is loved by all the IT people for the connectivity options it gives. 5,00,000 Events Storage makes the data available for later dispersal even when the connectivity restores and data is required.
  • Designed and manufactured by experts in India. Most authentic-looking face capture device with the best of performance. It has an embedded hi-speed microcontroller for stand-alone mode. No network connectivity is required for attendance marking.
  • HR loves the product performance and software reports they get. Its jaw-dropping performance is loved by the admin and HR.  Controller with a 2MP super quality enterprise series camera.

We ensure you of the love you are going to have with this wonderful product. Call us now at 9315441078 or write to us at

  • Face, Fingerprint and EM Prox Card-based Time-Attendance Terminal
  • Face, Fingerprint, EM Prox Card, PIN, and Bluetooth Support
  • 2MP Matrix IP Camera – SATATYA MIDR20FL28CWS
  • 3.5″ IPS Display with Capacitive Touch Panel with Gorilla Glass
  • 100,000 Face and 25,000 Fingerprint Templates Storage (1: N Mode)
  • 50,000 Users and 5,00,000 Events Storage

Touchless Best Face Time Attendance Made in India
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COSEC ARGO FACE Instant Face Recognition-Based Door Controller Engineered for Modern Organizations

We have experience in developing face recognition applications for various domains such as education, healthcare, security, hospitality, etc. We have successfully delivered many projects involving face recognition technology such as:
  • Face Recognition Based Attendance System Using Machine Learning
  • Face Recognition Attendance System based on facial recognition built using .net
  • Face Recognition Attendance System developed using Linux
We are confident that we can help you achieve your goals with our expertise and quality. Contact us now to get started with your project!

Face Attendance Machine

A face attendance machine is a type of biometric device that uses facial recognition technology to identify and verify employees. These machines are widely used in various applications, such as:

  • Time and Attendance: Face attendance machines can record the working hours of employees accurately and efficiently, eliminating the need for manual attendance sheets or cards. They can also prevent fraud and buddy punching, as well as generate reports and analytics on employee performance and productivity.
  • Access Control: Face attendance machines can restrict access to certain areas or resources based on the face recognition of authorized personnel. They can also provide security and safety for the premises, as well as monitor and record the entry and exit of visitors and staff.
  • Visitor Management: Face attendance machines can register and track the visitors who enter and leave the organization. They can also provide a seamless and convenient experience for the visitors, as well as enhance the image and reputation of the organization.
  • Cafeteria Management: Face attendance machines can manage the food and beverage consumption of employees and visitors. They can also facilitate the payment and billing process, as well as reduce food wastage and costs.
  • Contract Worker Management: Face attendance machines can manage the attendance and payroll of contract workers who work on a temporary or project basis. They can also ensure the compliance and quality of the work, as well as reduce the administrative burden and errors.
  • Job Processing and Costing: Face attendance machines can track the time and cost of each job or task performed by employees or contract workers. They can also provide accurate and transparent data for invoicing and budgeting, as well as improve the efficiency and profitability of the organization.

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