Exit Switches are available in 2 sizes.  They are of high quality stainless steel. The standard structure of Stainless Steel panel.  Exit switches are also called as Steel Button.  Its current rating is 3A 36 Volt DC maximum. They can be connected through NC COM.  Mechanical life tested is of 1000000.  They can operate in a temperature range of -10C to +55C.  Their operating humidity which is non condensing is 0% to 95%.  Weight is 0.1Kg. Exit Switch Access Control Push Button Exit Switch Access Control System Get the best quality top selling Push Button Exit Switch used for Access Control System Orignal high-quality product. Good Price Special price for bulk buyers Dealers and resellers can also get the material for reselling. All India shipping.  AmpleTrails is selling Plastic door release, Stainless steel push button, Plastic Button and exit button

Push Button Exit Switch Access Control System

Push Button Exit Switch Access Control System

Stainless Steel Door Exit Switch For Access Control

Exit switch

Push Button

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