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eSSL ET2000 Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile

eSSL ET2000 : Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile which is used for Physical Access Control System.

turnstile gate price in india

turnstile gate price in india

*Tripod Turnstile
*Full Height Turnstile
*Flap Turnstile
*Swing Turnstile
*Speed gate
*Metal Detector
*Security Bollard
*Tyre Killer
*Road Blocker
*Baggage Scanner
*Thermal Camera
*Face Temperature Terminal

Tripod Turnstile Gates – High Security Turnstile Gates

Tripod turnstile access control system is used for heavy-duty use such as in Factories, industries, companies where there is a lot of In and Out. It has a Passage Width of 550mm which allows only one person to pass at a time. It’s very fast in its operation and has a throughput rate of 35 persons per minute. This tripod can operate over a Power Supply of range 100 ~240V. eSSL ET2000 is even though a very Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile but its Operational Voltage is 24V which is low. It’s a very low power consumption Tripod Turnstile. eSSL ET2000 Tripod Turnstile Protection Level is of IP 54.  ET 2000 is Bridge type tripod turnstile 

eSSL ET2000 Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile

eSSL ET2000 Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile

eSSL ET2000 Heavy Duty Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile Top Quality

turnstile gate price

turnstile gate price in india

Tripod turnstile specification

  • Passage Width :=550mm
  • Throughput rate : 35p/m
  • Power Supply : 100 ~ 240V
  • Operational Voltage : 24V
  • Max tolerance of Arms : 80 Kg
  • Angle per rotation : 120o
  • Operation Type : Oneway – Bidirectional
  • Flow Rate : 25-48 passages/minute
  • Input control signal : Dry contact
  • Max Power Consumption : 30 W
  • Frequency : 50~60hz
  • Protection Level : IP 54
  • Semi-Auto mode
  • Working Temperature : -25oC ~ +70oC
  • Electromagnetic Drive: DC
  • Dimension Excluding Bar : 1200x280x980 mm
  • Net Weight Including Bar: 52kg
  • Opening Duration : 5s – 60s
  • Device Holder : Acrylic / SS304 (Optional)
  • CPU : 32 bit Microprocessor
  • Opening Signal Input : yes
  • Emergency Switch Input : yes
  • Direction Indicator Output : yes
  • Passing Indicator Output : Yes
  • Drop Arm Electromagnet Output : Yes
  • Material Housing : SUS 304
  • Operating Mode: Single way bi directional
  • Primary controller: Semi-automatic mode
  • Primary controller: Semi-automatic mode

List of Models of Tripod Turnstiles. 

Tripod Turnstiles
ET-1011 (RFID)
ET-1022 (RFID+FP)
ET-1022 (RFID+FP) + eSSL9500
ET-1211 (RFID)
ET-1222 (RFID+FP)
ET-1222 (RFID+FP) + eSSL9500
ET-2011 (RFID)
ET-2022 (RFID+FP)
ET-2022 (RFID+FP) + eSSL9500

How Tripod Turnstile Work

Tripod Turnstile is used for Physical Access Control of people in a building. Tripod Turnstile is integrated with RFID Card reader, fingerprint, face recognition devices. A turnstile gate with the card reader can be used and an RFID Card, HID Card can be given to authorized persons. A person carrying the RFID card can pass through the Turnstile gate with the card reader.

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