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Entrance Control System with FB-TL-2000

Pedestrian management system with Flap barrier.(FB-TL-2000)

Entrance control system with FB-TL-2000

Entrance control system with FB-TL-2000

Entrance Automation Flap Barriers
Flap Barrier is a pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any access control system that provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance. AmpleTrails being a leading trader, importer, supplier, and provider of Entrance Automation solutions has come up with a superior quality Flap Barriers for entrance automation to secure the inner premises. These Flap Barriers are capable of Single as well as Dual Lane Entry/Exit with Acrylic and Glass LED wings to be used with Card Reader and Finger Print Device for accessing authorized people only. These Flap Barriers/Gates are highly recommendable for entering and exiting in industrial units, offices, corporate houses, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, etc.

Features of Entrance control system with FB-TL-2000:-

  • Motorized entrance gates for building interiors
  • Sophisticated sensor system to prevent unauthorized access
  • Compatible with card readers, keypads, Finger prints, Bar codes and biometric devices (Optional)
  • Bidirectional passage – people can pass through the gate one or two ways
  • Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping, and mechanical anti-clipping
  • Inbuild Counter for in and out logs 9 no’s Pass modes (CN,CF,CC,NF,NC,NN,FN,FC,FF)
C=with authorization (Card, Finger, Face)
N=No Entry

Flap Barrier Terminology – Flap Barrier Fraud

Flap Barrier Terminology – Flap Barrier Fraud

Flap barriers / Flap Gates, Swing Barrier Gates For Entrance / Exit | India
1. MNC’s & small offices
2. Factories and Govt. organizations
3. Metros & Shopping malls
4. Gyms


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