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Elevator Controller EX 16

EX 16 Elevator Controller EX 16 is a simple  extension board for EC 10. For those who want to get an upgradation with our EC 10 ( Eevator controller) , the EX 16 board gives a simple solution and is extended via RS 485 communication.

Essl Elevator Controller, EX 16 – Buy Elevator Controller at best price.

eSSL Elevator Controller EC10 & EX16

eSSL Elevator Controller EC10 & EX16

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Floor Button Control Relay :16
Communication to EC10 : Rs485
RS485 address : Set by DIP switch
Power Supply : 12V DC 1A

Supports both RFID and Fingerprint slave readers
Fail Safe Mode
Real-time upload of user access privileges
Real-time event monitoring
User-defined floor access privilege

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