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ESSL biometric Authorized Distributor – AmpleTrails Gurgaon Haryana India

ESSL Biometric Authorised Distributor – AmpleTrails Gurgaon (Gurugram) Haryana India

Essl Biometric, time attendance machines, biometric time and attendance system, fingerprint attendance management system, fingerprint attendance machine, biometric fingerprint systems, door access control, proximity card access control system, turnstile gates, boom barrier gate.

Please call 9315441053, 0981839083 email us at info@ampletrails.com.

Multi Location Attendance machine Fingerprint Face Attendance Machine Biometric System Attendance Machine

Essl biometric time attendance machines are know for the satisfaction of the customer.  Essl solutions are popular now for the latest and unique technology in the security industry.

ESSL Biometrics

Essl Dealers In Gurgaon : Authorized essl biometric attendance system dealers in Gurgaon deals for Essl Biometrics, Essl Attendance System, Essl Attendance Software, Essl Attendance Management System, Essl Fingerprint Attendance System, Essl Face Attendance System, Essl Time And Attendance System, Essl Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System, Essl Card Attendance System, Essl RFID Attendance System

Bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon

Essl has adopted latest technology of push data with its devices to make data collection easy for the companies having office at multiple locations. Essl biometric devices which comes with push data technology, push the date from the biometric device to the centralized server.  By implementing this technology companies having multiple offices at different different locations can eliminate the task of maintenance of multiple server as they can get the data of all locations at a single centralized server.  This is cost effective solution of essl also.

Biometric Time Attendance Machine Gurgaon

Biometric Time Attendance Machine Gurgaon

Essl latest service which has brought a revolution in the security industry is the cloud based solution.  Cloud solution of essl has deleted the maintenance of any server from the client side.  Essl is providing cloud service where client need not maintain any server. He will get login id and password by login through which reports can be generated from any location of the world. Get time and attendance software in Dundahera. Time attendance system in Farrukhnagar. Garhi Harsaru we provide employee time tracking system.

Online Attendance Management System

SilkBio-100TC Bio Metric Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine

SilkBio-100TC Bio Metric Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Our Online attendance management system is used in all parts of Gurgaon be it Haileymandi, Manesar, Pataudi, Sohna, Sukhrali, Taoru, Gurgaon‎, Pataudi‎. We have clients all over Gurgaon using our online attendance management system. In Manesar people uses offline and online attendance management system for employee attendance tracking. In Sohna road, we have lots of clients using our online attendance management system.

biometric machine suppliers in delhi S1000

biometric machine suppliers in delhi S1000

eSSL is known as the top biometric supplier in India.  We have vast range of products IP Cameras, CCTV cameras tripod which we supply to our dealers.

AmpleTrails is authorized exclusive distributor of essl for haryana region serving different cities of Haryana.  AmpleTrails has service in Gurgaon(Gurugram), Rohtak, Faridabad, Sirsa, Ambala, Hisar, Hansi, Jhahhar, Bahadurgarh, Bhiwani. For any service of essl products you can contact us at info@ampletrails.com.


Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of this machine. Fill the following form to get in touch with one of our experts.

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WiFi Range Extender Netgear WN3000RP

Totally a Wireless product. Netgear WN3000RP is a wonderful product which is a WiFi Range Extender. Turn Dead Zones Into Connected Corners
Move around with your mobile devices and keep them connected by giving your existing WiFi coverage a boost. This small, easy-to-install wall-plug WiFi range extender also creates new WiFi connectivity for up to 1 wired device like a Smart TV, Blu-ray player or game console.

WiFi Range Extender

Model: WN3000RP
The N300 WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing WiFi network to places out of reach of your existing WiFi. Plug it into an electrical outlet and give your WiFi a boost. External antennas give you the extra range to put yours over the top.

  • Extends wireless coverage
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy install – no CD required
  • Connect iPad®, Smartphones, and more

Extend Internet access for wireless devices like iPads, iPods, laptops, smart phones, game consoles and TVs. Repeats 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals from devices made by Netgear and other brands. Smart LED indicators helps find the best location for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. Fast Ethernet port to connect home A/V devices to the network. Ease of use CD-less installation. Push ‘N’ Connect using Wi-Fi. Protected setup (WPS). Security Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2-PSK) and WEP. Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE standard 802.11 specifications. Actual data throughput and wireless coverage will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate and wireless coverage. Netgear makes no express or implied representations or warranties about this product’s compatibility with any future standards. Works with devices supporting Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS). May not be compatible with Wi-Fi routers or gateways whose firmware has been altered or changed, including without limitation certain open source routers or other Wi-Fi routers or gateways with non-standard or outdated firmware.

  • Type of Product WiFi Range Extender
  • Wireless Speed 300 Mbps
  • Encryption WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, 128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP
  • Operating System Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux
  • Frequency 2.4GHz
  • Number of LAN ports 1.0
  • Other Security Features Wi-Fi Protected Access
  • In the Box N300 WiFi Range Extender (WN3000RP),Installation guide
  • Power Supply 0.3 A
  • Weight 245 g
  • Network Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • LAN / WAN 10/100
  • Other Features Connect iPad, Smartphones, NETGEAR Green Features, Extend Internet Access for Wireless Devices: iPads, iPods, laptops, Smart Phones, Game Consoles, TV
  • Certification RoHS
  • Dimension (WxDxH) 112 x 74 x 45 mm
  • Model No WN3000RP
  • Extends Range of Wireless Router or Gateway
  • Provides Security Through Encryption Using WPA/ WPA2/ WEP
  • Wall Plug Design for Convenient Placement

Please fill the following form to get in touch with our experts for face attendance machines and various other solutions.

Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836, 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine.

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Attendance Machine Labor Management

Attendance Machine Labor Management

Managing attendance of labor is the biggest challenge that an industrialist faces.  There are so many attendance machines for office.  For managing of labor you need something extra.  Industries where you have workers whose hands catches dirt and dust or grease, oil or other types of such materials normal finger based machines are not a good fit.  They need something which can take attendance with in seconds without touching the system.  We are pleased to introduce our face recognition series VF 380, Iface 101, Iface 102, Iface 301, Iface 302.  This machine is capable of taking attendance using Face.  No matter weather an employee is having mustache or beard, its smart algorithm can identify any face.

Get this machine installed in your factory right now.  Call us at 9818390836,9034757673 now!!  We are there to help you in choosing the best time and attendance machine for your industry for managing your labor and office staff.  Get this wonderful attendance machine and manage your labor using this wonderful product.  This can be used in factories like rice mill, engineering factories.  These machines are best where labor finger print are not available and attendance through card and finger is not a suitable option.


Attendance Machine Labor Management

Attendance Machine Labor Management

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension(WxHxD): 193.6 X 147.6 X 101 cm
  • Face Capacity: 1200(1:N)
  • Id Card Capacity: 3,000
  • Transactions Capacity: 1,00,000
  • Processor: Multi-Bio CPU 800 Mhz
  • Communication: RS232 ,RS485, TCP/IP, USB
  • Camera: High Resolution Infra Red camera
  • Power Supply:12V DC, 3A
  • Algorithm Version: Face 7.0
  • Face Identification: ≤2 second
  • Display: 2.0 inch TFT Screen

Please fill the following form to have our expert contact you to suggest the right attendance machine for your industry.  We have lots of products for different segments.  We are now offering attendance software free for managing attendance of up to 500 employees.  To see the complete range of time and attendance machine please click on link.

Download Time and Attendance Software and try it for free

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Hikvision Consumer Series Network Camera

Hikvision Consumer Series Network Camera

Hikvision Consumer Series Network Camera

Hikvision Consumer Series Network Camera

Get one for your organization now! Email us at info@ampletrails.com

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Biometric Guard Patrol System

PT 100 Guard Petrol Device

Biometric Guard Patrol System for monitoring your guard. Guard Tour System.

First time in India introducing Fingerprint Guard Patrol System. Biometric Guard Patrol System is also known as security guard checkpoint system

Security Guard Patrol System

Biometric Guard Patrol System

Biometric Guard Patrol System

Worried about your Security?

Use Biometric Guard Patrol System. 

Features of Biometric Guard Patrol System

  • 1.44 inch color LCD display
  • Fingerprint authentication, accurate and convenient
  • Robust design for shock resistant, anti-drop up to 1 meter
  • IP64 rated waterproof and dustproof
  • Low power consumption, Standby 7 days
  • Sustainable work up to 12 hours

Application of Biometric Guard Patrol System

  • Monitoring Security guards in society
  • Monitoring Security guards in Companies
  • Checking prisoner living areas
  • Hospitals for Verification of patients being attended by nursing staff
  • Monitoring staff working outside of normal business hours
  • Monitoring guards in housing societies

The advantages of Guard Patrol System are as follows:

  • Guard Patrol system is based on fingerprint technology. Guard has to authenticate his finger before reading “ check Point”.
  • This makes sure that each Guard does patrolling as duty assigned otherwise mismatch report will be generated.
  • Traditional guard patrol system do not authenticate which security guard is doing patrolling.
  • You may be paying for more Guards and will not be sure as to how many guards are actually on duty.
  • Very powerful software to generate different reports
  • Works with eSSL Pull SDK. You can develop customized application.
  • Suitable for Apartments,offices,factories etc.
  • You will get better security with less number of Guards

Biometric Fingerprint RFID Guard Patrol Monitoring System

fingerprint patrol tour devicefingerprint patrol tour device

Fingerprint Patrol Tour Device

If you are interested in the purchase of this system you can contact us at 9818390836 or 9034757673.  You can leave a message at info@ampletrails.com and our experts will contact you shortly.

You can also fill the following form one of our expert will call you.

ZKPatrol 2.0 Software User Manual V2.0_20150309

We also have handheld metal detectors for security guards. Do contact us for any requirements.

Working of Biometric Guard Patrol System:

  • The employee carries an or electronic patrol device which is activated at each checkpoint.
  • Checkpoints can consist proximity microchips such asRFIDs, or optical barcodes.
  • The patrol device stores the serial number of the checkpoint with the date and time.
  • Later, the information is downloaded from the device into a computer to generate the reports.
  • Patrol device can also be programmed to ignore duplicate checkpoint activations that occur sequentially or within a certain time period.
  • Computer software used to synchronize the data from the patrol device and can print out summaries that pinpoint missed checkpoints or patrols.
  • Separate operator is not needed for the well functioning of the device.
  • ZK Patrol Software is used to generate the reports and do additional settings.
Device Features of Biometric Guard Patrol System:
  • Infra-red sensor goes to sleep mode automatically.
  • 12KHz Built-in Proximity card reader.
  • Fingerprint capacity – 500, Card Capacity – 1000, Logs 30,000
  • Shock resistant design, anti-drop up to 1m.
  • Low power consumption, Standby 7 days, sustainable work up to 12 Hrs.
  • 1.44” LCD display with IP65 rating for the device.
Main Applications of Biometric Guard Patrol System:
  • To ensure Guard Patrolling in highly secured places like Banks, Vaults, etc at night times.
  • Security Guard monitoring in Villas and Flats.
  • Public transport time table verification.
  • Hotel and hospital housekeeping logging.
  • Verification of patients being attended in hospitals by nursing staff.
  • Monitoring staff working outside of normal business hours.

Biometric Guard Patrol System

Guard Patrol System

Guard Patrol System

To download software use following link.

For more information and buying this product fill the form,  call us at 9818390836,9034757673 or email us at info@ampletrails.com now!!

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IP 2 MP WBOX CCTV IP Bullet Camera 2MP IR Bullet Camera Wbox


WBOX fast-growing market and latest products

IP Bullet Camera 2MP IR Bullet Camera Wbox

IP Bullet Camera 2MP IR Bullet Camera Wbox

The WBC0E-CLID2R2FS is a 2MP fixed 3.6 mm lens IR Dome Camera. This Camera is outdoor-ready IP 66 rated and having IR up to 20 meters, can support max 128 GB SD card. The camera gives an excellent choice for Small to Mid-size applications at an affordable price.

IP Bullet Camera 2MP IR Bullet Camera Wbox

IP Bullet Camera 2MP IR Bullet Camera Wbox


Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of CCTV Cameras. Fill the following form to get in touch with one of our experts.

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Time attendance Record machine

Time and attendance Record Machine K20. Inbuilt battery backup,RFID, Color display and Access Control

K20 is an economical Biometric device which caters to the Small and medium scale industry. With the pricing in mind and future proof technology induced, K20 is a high performing product.
To buy this wonderful time and attendance recorder please contact us at +91 9818390836, 9818390836, 9034757673. Email us at info@ampletrails.com or Fill the following form so that our experts can contact you.
Time Attendance Record machine

Time Attendance Record machine

Main features : 
  1. 2.8″ Color display
  2. Inbuilt battery backup- upto 2 hrs
  3. Inbuilt rfid reader
  4. Access control
  5. TCP/IP , USB
  6. Compatible with etimetracklite and Smart office
  7. 500 fingerprint with 50,000 logs
  8. Reports in Microsoft Excel
  9. SDK avaialble.

Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of this machine.

Download Free Time and Attendance Software


  • Users  : users 500
  • Transaction:  50,000  Logs
  • Inbuilt battery Backup-  2hrs
  • inbuilt RFID module
  • communication:  TCP/IP,USB
  • Standard function Workcode,SMS
  • Scheduled Bell
  • Self Service Query
  • SSR Recorder
  • Automatic status switch
  • DST 9T  Input

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DS-2CE56C0T-IRP HD720P Indoor IR Turret Camera

hikvision 1mp dome camera
hikvision 1mp dome camera

Hikvision 1MP HD Camera

Hikvision 1MP Dome Camera DS-2CE56C0T-IRP

DS-2CE56C0T is an analog camera also known as

Turbo HD Camera

. 1MP Hd camera has a resolution of HD 720P. This is an Indoor Dome Camera which is available in India.

  • DS-2CE56C0T-IRP HD 720P Indoor IR Turret Camera
  • 1.0 Megapixel high-performance CMOS
  • Analog HD output, up to 720P resolution
  • True Day/Night
  • DNR, Smart IR
  • Up to 20m IR distance

Hikvision 1MP DS-2CE56C0T-IRP HD Camera Specifications

  • DS-2CE56C0T-IRP
DS-2CE56C0T-IRP Camera
Image Sensor:
1MP CMOS Image Sensor
Signal System:
Effective Pixels:
Min. Illumination:
0.1 Lux @(F1.2,AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR
Shutter Time:
1/25(1/30) s to 1/50,000 s
3.6mm (2.8mm, 6mm optional), Angle of View: 70.9°(3.6mm), 92°(2.8mm), 56.7°(6mm)
Lens Mount:
Adjustment Range:
Pan: 0 – 360°, Tilt: 0 – 75°, Rotation: 0 – 360°
Day& Night:
IR cut filter with auto switch
Video Frame Rate:
HD Video Output:
1 Analog HD output
Internal Synchronization
S/N Ratio:
More than 62 dB
Operating Conditions:
-20 °C – 45 °C (-4 °F – 113 °F)
Humidity 90% or less (non-condensing)
Power Supply:
12 VDC±15%
Power Consumption:
Max. 4W
IR Range:
Up to 20m
Φ89.5 × 69.8 mm(Φ3.52” × 2.75”)
250 g 

We have

Hikvision 1MP HD Camera Price 56c0t-irp


  • Image sensor – 1MP CMOS image sensor, signal system – PAL/NTSC, effective pixels – 1296(H)x732(V), minimum illumination – 0.1 lux at(F1.2, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
  • Shutter time – 1/25(1/30) s to 1/50,000 s, lens – 3.6mm, lens mount – M12, adjustment range – pan – 0 – 360 degree, tilt – 0 – 75 degree, rotation – 0 – 360 degree
  • Day and Night – IR cut filter with auto switch, video frame rate – 720p at 25fps/720p at 30fps, HD video output – 1 analogue HD output, synchronization – internal, S/N ratio – more than 62 dB
  • Power supply – 12 VDC±15 percent, power consumption – max 4W, IR range – up to 20m
Item Weight
259 g
Package Dimensions
11.5 x 11.5 x 8.7 cm
Item model number
Additional Features
Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRPF 1MP (720P) Indoor Night Vision Dome Camera 1Pcs, 1.0 Megapixel high-performance CMOS, Effective Pixels – 1296 (H) x 732 (V), Can Be Watched Online Using Cloud P2P, High Quality Branded Product, Installation is not included.
Included Components
1 Dome Camera, Product Manual, Gypsum Screws
Number Of Items
Batteries Included
Batteries Required
Battery Cell Composition
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For more information fill the following form You can also write an email to info@ampletrails.com.

Contact us at 09818390836, 09034757673

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Things to do while starting a property business

money-making-real-estateThings to do while starting a property business.

  • Build Database: Build a database of people who want to invest in property and who want to sell properties.
  • Most important thing is buyer and seller.   Make a big list of both of them.
  • Introduce big dealer in beginning.  People who don’t have experience in properties should involve big and existing dealers.   They can help you in ensuring paper correctness and help you in preventing fraud.
  • Have a great website which list all your properties.  List all the properties you have.  A lot of people do search on the internet before buying a property.  For getting a dynamic website, please write at info@ampletrails.com
  • Find the details of the projects.  See the reputation of the builder weather they have delivered projects on time.
  • Leverage and alive your contacts.  Call them to say hello and tell them you are into property dealing.
  • Knowledge, Domain Experience, Documentation verification,  Circle rate are the key to be successful in property dealing.
  • Knowledge about tax is very important, you should have deep understanding of existing laws which will help you in suggesting right property to your clients. e.g. capital gain, registry charges, stamp duty.
  • Have crispness and beauty in doing things.
  • Prepare a questioner with all the questions which will help you in identifying if the buyer is a serious buyer and is having money ready to invest.   Find out if he need
  • Go deep in the contacts.
  • Mock Research. If a buyer share your requirement do some mock research.  Try to find out the properties by calling properties dealers as a buyer.  Get live information, updates about all the latest research.
  • Find about super area.
  • Get the brochures of every builder.
  • Get a Customer Relationship Management CRM, this will help you in maintaining the information about the customers.
  • Email your customers about the project updates.
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Face Attendance Machine Sface 900 Uface 302

Comparison between Sface 900 Vs Uface 302 Best Face Attendance Machine

Access Control Selection | Best Access Control Brand | Integrated Systems

Sface 900 Uface 302
Face recognition time attendance system SFace900 eSSL

Face recognition time attendance system SFace900 eSSL

uface 302 essl Face Attendance Machine

uface 302 essl Face Attendance Machine

Face Capacity 1200 (1:N) or 3000 (1:1) 3000 (1:N) or 3000 (1:1)
Finger Capacity 2000 2000
Transaction Capacity 100000 100000
ID Card Capacity 10000 10000
Push Data Yes Yes
Display 4.3 inch touch screen 4.3 inch touch screen
Standard Function Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS, DST, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Scheduled Bell Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS, DST, T9 Input, 9 Digit User ID, Scheduled Bell
Photo ID Access Control interface for 3rd Party 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Weigned Signal Output Output
Optional Function MiFare Card, Wi-Fi, 3G, 2000 mAh Backup Battery MiFare Card, Wi-Fi, 3G, 2000 mAh Backup Battery
Power supply 12V 3A 12V 3A
Operating Temperature 0 °C- 45 °C 0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20%-80% 20%-80%
Dimenstion 195.5×166.5x120MM (LxWxT) 193.6×165.2x86MM (LxWxT)
Weight 1.6KG 1.6KG
Communication TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
Other Features * Outside Installation (Max 12000 Lux)
* Able to detech whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhansing the security level of verification.
* High verification speed
* Advanced and user-friendly UI
* Easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
* One face template is registered for one user only
Duplicate Face Detection: * Able to detech whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhansing the security level of verification. NA
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