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Dome Cameras

Dome Security Cameras are named for their dome like shape. Dome cameras are commonly used in Surveillance Systems inside of Casinos, Retail Stores, and Restaurants. This is because dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in very well to their surroundings. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a Dome Camera is actually aiming. Our new vary of CCTV DIS Camera. Do away cameras with coarse pictures, eSSL’s DIS Cameras have advanced features which will provide clean, transparent and crisp quality video footage. eSSL analog DIS cameras got chipsets with improved characteristics which can empower each one caught pixel to be transferred into digital signal instantly..

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CCTV Dome Camera ED 3DIS-600

ED 3DIS-600

CCTV Dome Camera ED 6DIS-600

ED 6DIS-600




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